Hi guys! And please don't kill me. I do not know what is happening to me these days, but I have been hating on internet and social media lately. Not that I get any mean respons or commend but it just that people these days are so mean, and un sensitive towards other peoples feelings, that I was not interested in going behind the computer. But! I got back on it and I have a video on the channel that I wanted to share with you guys. I hope you like it, please give it a like and subscribe! I hope to have another post up for you guys soon! <3 

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Hi guys! And please don't kill me for uploading so late, cause this girl had the flu. And when I am talking about the flue I mean the one were you are sweating like crazy with six blankets around your, tissues everywhere and a lot of tea. I am happy to say that I am feeling a bit better and that I got some inspiration for a new post for. Which is a few tips on how to get better as fast as possible when you got yourself the flue!

I always have two times a year where I get really sick and that I have to stay home for a few days, which are in the summer and the beginning if the winter. Since winter is coming, the flu has arrived. I know what you guys are thinking, just eat healthy, go to the gym and sleep on time. But life takes over and before you know it you go to bed after it's like way past your normal bed time, or at least that is one of the issues I face on a daily basses. And then it just happens you wake up to go to go your thing and you notice that you feel really tired and woozy. You leave to go to school, work or you internship and by the time you get there the pain in you body starts. Your head feels heavy and sometimes even your nose starts to hurt, because you have to sneeze. And sneeze you will, A LOT! When I start feeling like this I still don't give up I would stay in school or at work the whole day and then just go home eat something healthy and go to sleep. But then there is the next morning, and for me that is the moment where I will feel at my worst, cause my temperature has gone up.

This is all very depressing so let's get into what I do to make myself feel better, and get well as fast a possible. First thing on the list is drinking a lot of water, since most of the time when you have the flue you will be sweating a lot. Water or even tea will help you to stay hydrated. Add a little hunny to your tea and you sore throat will feel a lot better. Then what I like to do is sweat it all out, I take a very big and thick sweater, a blanket, very thick socks and pyjama pants. It sounds crazy but sweating help your body to fight the bacteria/flu that is trying to make a home in your body. At the end of the day I always like to take a hot shower get myself a whole new outfit and get back at it again. Then there is eating fruit and soup. Fruit is nice and gentle on the throat and automatically gives your that boost that you really need. Same goes for soup, you can put a lot of different vegetables and even chicken to make your body feel strong. What I like to do to do is add a lot of pepper, ginger and garlic to my soup. Garlic helps you to sweat, ginger is good for you stomach and throat and pepper well that makes your throat burn a little. Which means all them crazy bacteria are leave the ship. 

Of course there is also the sleeping part, a lot of sleep helps you sit the flue out faster. Or at least for me it seems that way. But I find that I get very woozy and unfocused when I do that, and as soon as I start to feel better I have to adjust to getting stuff done. One of the things that really helps me is reading a book or watching something interesting. Not animal planet cause that always makes me sleepy, but maybe that will work for you! I also like to make crossword puzzles to keep my focus going and it is also quite fun! Sometimes I also like to take extra vitamins and aspirin, I am not really a big fan of taking medicine I like to go all natural if I can. But I can imagine that it speeds up the process al lot of you throw in a little pill here and there. 

So guys! Those where all my tips on how to have a speedy recovery from the flu, I hope you guys find it helpful! Please let me know what tips you guys have on getting better from the flu. What works for me might not work for someone els, and it is always great to share experiences.   

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So as you guys can see there is a new Unboxing video on my channel. Today I wanted to talk about the products that I received in my box this month, and I have to say that there are some that I really like, or maybe I just like all of them! So let's get started on the first one that I like the most. Which is hard cause I can't make a choice!
Let's start with the hand cream by Ziaja. This is the coco butter version, and yes they have many more. I always wanted to try out this brand but I could never find the time to sit down and check out there website. Ziaja is a brand that is sold in a lot of different countries so everybody can give it a shot. They have amazing prices, and good quality products. Their hand creams start around two euro's with at least 80ml in the packaging. Very affordable, great smell and very nice for the cold winter days a head! I love it.

Next up is the Lord & Berry Nude lip liner. I was looking for a new lip liner but since I got one in my box I will have to give this one a try, I have tried in for over a week now and I have to say that even do it might no be the cheapest lip liner out there, it is a pretty good one. Very soft and smooth, easy to apply and a beautiful colour that works great with all different type of shades or on it's own. 
Then to stay in the lip section I have this lipstick from Tini Beauty in the shade Plum Wine. Never heard of the brand before but the have a very nice colour rage and a beautiful packaging. I was looking for something to replace my M.A.C lipstick since I do not use them anymore, because of the animal testing. I have to say that this one comes close to a lipstick that I like. Very soft and hydrating, the only big own side is that is disappears fast. But like I said before I have not tried these products for that long, so maybe my opinion will change.

Then I have something for the nails by Meeki Beauty Lab. A nail polish in the colour chantarelle, and I just love the name don't you? This is a very nice and simple shade that works great with them fall and winter colours. It stays on for a pretty long time and the best thing about this brand is that the nail polish dries very fast. And with fast I mean FAST! I have a little exclusive promo for all my followers, if you want to buy one of the Meeki nail polishes go this link and get one of their colours for only 5,- euro's with a gift box and free shipping! I am sure to get myself another one!   

Then I will end up with the last product of the box, which is a bubble mask by Cailyn Cosmetics. I have never tried this brand before as well, but I checkt their website and they have a lot of good look products. Not very cheap but still affordable. I have not tried this mask yet, I think I will be doing a little review/demo on the channel for you guys to give my thought on a product like this. A lot of different bloggers talked about products like this so I think I will be nice to share one from a cruelty free brand. I have seen other mask that they are selling, and I am very curious! 

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I it just me or is the month of November flying by like a big bird that knows where he is going? It feels like the clock has just changed times here in the Netherland.. But November means a lot of things, which are looking for presents for your friends and family, finding yourself a nice winterjackets, some sweaters and FANTASTIC BEAST in the cinema! I have been a Harry Potter fan since the beginning of time or when my mom first got me the book, I think when I read the book. How about you guys? Do like the Harry Potter movies, or do you hate them? 

I have been scouting for a new sweater these past few days and H&M got just the thing I like. I never really buy stuff from H&M anymore cause I think the quality is not so great as it used to be. The little guy here though I really liked and was such soft material that I just had to pick it up. Same goes from my new brushes for Essence, loved the color and I needed some new eye brushes so they just had to go into my bag. The kabuki brush was so cute that I just had to bring it as well. I never tried the brushes of Essence so I will keep you guys updated on the channel! I was also looking for a new BB cream yes again but, you can never have enough right? And I have to say that the tea tree BB cream from The Body Shop is very very good for people with oily skin. I get a lot of blemishes when I use foundation or something to cover everything up and until now that has not happend with this BB cream. Might become one of my best.. might.

And last but not least I wanted to share my Harry Potter deathly hallows necklace. I got mine from Jazu Jewelry which is an amazing brand. I have had it for a while but I keep forgetting to share it with you guys.. SO THERE IT IS. Have you guys seen the new J.K Rowling movie yes? NO spoilers please! 

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I am so happy to tell you guys that I passed my big project of this quarter! My heart feels a lot more at ease knowing that this stressful stuff is out of the way. On to the check on right.. These days I had a lot of free time which means internet shopping for this girl. I hate the internet and I love it and then I hate it for all the money I want to spend on stuff that I do not really need. 

But I kept my shopping plans small this time. I was looking for a new video idea, something to help me boost up my video's a little and get more connection with you guys. Then I started thinking about Christmas and how much fun it is to find presents for friends, family and MYSELF most of all. Or at least I always liked buying myself something special in this month. Now that I am muslim I do not celebrate Christmas anymore, but my family still does and that is how I got the idea to look for something Christmas related to share with you guys the next month. And guess what, I found it! When I was little my mom would always buy me a Christmas Advent Calendar with little chocolates in them that I could take out every day. I never thought that there would be so many brands that would use the same idea when it comes down to make up and beauty. So I started looking for all the different beauty Advent Calendars they have in the Netherlands, and here are my favorite ones. The first five are all brands that are animal cruelty free, the last one from Asos has products in there that are cruelty free but also some that are not! For those of you that want only cruelty free, keep that in mind if you would like to buy that box from Asos.

These are the Calendars that I red great things about on the internet, and that I also check out myself in shops. I got one of these boxes for the month of December and I will be opening it with you guys on my channel every week. I am not going to tell you guys which one I got, you will have to wait and see! Or maybe you can take a wild guess in the description box?

Advent Calendar for Christmas


I can't believe that the month Oktober already ended! Before you know it Christmas will be aournd the corner, and this year will end. I am so happy that my first quarter of school has ended and that I can move on to the next one. I don't know about you guys, but I always like the start of a school project and hate it by the end. You spent so much time on that one thing or many things that need to be finished that by the time they are your like, well I don't even know what to call it! 

This year I also find a job at my school. Which means less time on projects, but we all want to do things and spent money right? Or at least I do! Because I haven't been uploading that much I wanted to do an extra video and blog post for you guys. And what better way to get back into the flow with some new products in a Haul video! I am not going to go into much detail for you guys, cause you can check the video of course. But I went to the city and I got myself a few things that I have been hunting for a while in my head. Don't you guys just love to buy your self stuff after you finished all your hard work? I know.. me to! I add a few swatches since I never swacht in my video's but other than that there is nothing that you guys will miss in the video. I haven't tried any of these before so we will have to see how it will go. I hope to update you guys soon, and if you have already tried some of the stuff in the pictures do tell me! I would love to hear your feedback!   

New haul | & video


How is everybody doing today! I can not believe my first quarter already ended this week. Which was also the reason why I was gone for so long. But I am back and still uploading my video's on the youtube channel. So I hope you guys have seen that I haven't forgotten about you. Nothing very exciting happend next to reading, writing and preparing my projects. To get back into the blogging flow I uploaded a new Unboxing video for you guys on the channel. And you can already guess what we are going to be talking about today! 

I haven't tested most of the products out for so long, so I can not give a very good review on them. But I love sharing my box products with you guys. It's so much fun to meet new brands and discover new products. But lets get into the first product which I already bought myself. The brush egg is a great tool that I use every two weeks to clean my brushes. I always use a bacterial free soap to clean them, cause I have a very sensitive skin but I still need them to be perfectly clean. The brush eggs are very cheap and easy to use and take with you. So if you are thinking to get yourself something like this go for it, you can find them everywhere.

The other product that i'm going to tell you guys about is a new brand for me. Hikari Cosmetics is a new up coming brand. Their motto is 'that every woman should feel beautiful in their on skin', which is TRUE! I got a blush in my box and I tried in for a few times now. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy, so if you want to try this do be careful cause your cheeks will shine! I did not have any breakouts so until now so far so good. 
On to the next one which is a transparant brow gel by Chella wanted a brow gel for so long. But this girl could never find the time, so thank you styletone box for always putting something in there, that I need! I have used this one every single day and it is not that special, it does what a brow gel has to do. Which is keeping them crazy hairs in place.

Now this month styletone also put one of my favorite brands in the box. Which is Jelly Pong Pong. This product is to highlight the area's on the face, to line the lips or make an ombre effect. But the best part is the fact that you can use it in the waterline. The pencil is so soft and smooth which is great for the eyes! This product I also use practically every day and when I do my eyes get a wide a wake look. I love, love, love Jelly Pong Pong!
The last product of this months box was a lip crayon by Starlooks in the shade majesty. The shade is a beautiful dark purple, a color that works great for me. It is pretty dry on the lips, and until now I notice that I did not pick it up again to use it because of that. I have to test it out a bit more to know what I really think.

So guys those where all the products from my oktober Unboxing video! Do visit my channel to see the video and give it a like and subscribe! I hope to upload a new blog for you guys soon. I think from now on I will be posting once a week just as on my channel. This way I can give my story the full attention it needs and keep you guys up to date on all my crazy stuff! 
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I can not believe the end of September is near and the sun is still shining a LOT here in the Netherlands! I know I have been gone for a bit, but a had so many deadlines! You know when you just can't find the time to sit down and think for a second.
But today I wanted to talk about some of the things that I have been up to these days!

Since I am in my second year a lot of extra stuff is falling from the sky! I have to think about what Minor I want to pick and write big paper on my own development as a student in the Art Academie. Like.. HOW SHOULD I KNOW! Do you guys know what you want and where you want to see yourself in four year? I am never really sure, I change my mind every five seconds. Or het least it seems so. But as soon as I think about this my head will start to burst, so backt to basic. One of the projects that I have been working on has a lot to do with my blog, and video's. I wanted to find out why companies make the decision to test their products on animals. I have been thinking a lot about the skin care and make up that I use and if they are tested on animals. At first I never really cared that much about what I put on my face. But now a days my skin is so sensitive that I started to wonder what was happening with all the products and how they are being made. 

I am not going to tell you guys that you should stop using brands that test on animals, cause everybody has a choice. But what made me think about it was the fact that it scared me that some brands use so many chemicals in their products that they have to be sure it will not hurt our skin. For me pretty scary. I would love to know how you guys feel about products getting tested on animals and all the bad chemicals brands use to make their products. Do you think about it at all? Have you ever done any research on this topic? I think it is interesting to think about it, but of course not to much cause these days the internet is a scary place to do you research! At least sometimes it is. I do not regret taking a closer look when it comes down to my skin,body and hair care. I really notice a difference and it feels good to take care of yourself. I hope that you all feel great in your skin and happy with your lives and do let me know what you think, it will be great to hear so many different perspectives and it would help me find out more for my project!

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