Pandora's authentic jewelry is made for those with a true personality. 
Take a look at this 'unforgettable moment'

I like matching my jewelry together. I'm sure you guys do the same. This set has a nice bracelet and a lovely ring from Pandora. The bracelet was a gift, and i think all of you agree that it was a good one!

When it comes to rings i always go for the ones with pearls. But when i saw this one i was sure i'd change my mind. Pandora is known for their beautiful stones and designs. I love it that the stone takes all the attention but is not to much. Simple and stylish. 

What else is there to say! Just make a match that a lot of eyes will catch.
Unforgettable moments


A little color on the nails? I'd say yes to that!
But what happens when you use these little friends.

I have a special weakness when it comes to OPI nail polish. But this is something new, the OPI Sheer Tint nail polish works as a top coat and gives your color a new life.

I took my favorite color for OPI and used it as a base coat. Then i tried the OPI Sheer Tint nails polish as a top coat, and the color automatically changes into a lighter version. Can you imagine what will happen with other colours? 

Go ahead and give it a try! Look at mine. And remember it's never so much fun unless your nails are done.
A sheer tint


They say it's hard to find the one, but in the end all flowers will face the sun.
They say it's bad to stay just friends, but what if you can hope until the end.
They say it hurts and it will stop, and in time also forgot.
They say be strong and hold on, for as long.
Cause god knows it's hard to find the one.
But what if you don't wanna run. And wait for him to become your sun.
They say a lot but don't forget you are the one that he met.

                         By sarafina 
They say


 For all the leather lovers out there i have something special.
                          A handmade leather bag                                            

I'm sure i don't speak for myself when i'm saying that i love leather. Bags, jackets, shoes we all love it!
And what i love the most about this baby is that she's handmade.

On my springbreak at the seaside of Bulgaria i fell in love with this design. The best thing of all, i could pick my own colours. And trust me that was a lot of fun.
If you guys ever find yourself's in Sozopol, my advice..
Keep a lookout for this man's little shop it will definitely be worth it. 

Cause what can i say? We all love bags right. 

We all love bags


It's not your face that shows so much grace
That lights the night like fire so bright
To make the world forget about what pains and screams so loud
No it's not your face that will make me stay to fight 
for you right and a feel that makes angels kneel
No it's not your face because if it was then my mind would
                 Wonder off 

                 by sarafina 
A Face


We all have a little makeup addiction. Whats mine? You'll never guess ITS LIPSTICKS!
 Check out this flat out fabulous color.

We all know the brand M.A.C Cosmetics to be one of the best when it comes to crazy colours. But this collection has something special. A matt finish. I know i know we all love glossy lips, but no need for that with these popping colours! 
This retro matt lipstick will help you brake all those men hearts and leave some beautiful kissing marks.

What are you waiting for? Go get yours! i already got mine. 
                                        'retro matt flat out fabulous B54' 
Fabulous B54



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