Lets talk about shoes shall we?
Take a look at these cute Dr Martens.

Dr Martens are defiantly a pair of shoes you need in your wardrobe! I personally don't like the long boots that much, i'd rader go for the short cuties.
I found these in a vintage shop in Amsterdam. When i saw them i was sure they were coming home. I'm sure you guys get that feeling sometimes.

I love the black print that they used, it looks very playful. For me black and white looks great with popping colours. 
Because they are so low i like wearing them with skirts and dresses. But i'm sure with a pair of jeans the job is done as well. My advice? Keep your eyes open at the vintage shops, you'll never know what you will find!

I think a good outfit is only done,  when your shoes look like they're having fun!
Vintage adventure


A life in this world is hard, and everybody ends up with scars
Scars will help you transform, and make you survive the hardest storms
Storms will pass and light wil shine, and everything will pretend to be just fine
Fine is all it is to you, but then it starts with having no clue
Clues will help you find what you need, which is actually only mouths to feed
Feed, oh you know what just love, love like never before
Believe me it will open so many doors

                           By sarafina
For the souls in this world


It's always nice to use creams that make your skin feel special.
Take a look at the serums and creams from Apivita.

Apivita Natural Cosmetics is a company established in Greece. Two pharmacists started with the idea to make natural products for the face and body. They work a lot with honey, royal jelly, plants and fruits.

Lets start with the serums of Apivita. A serum will help all the layers of your skin improve, because every skin is different Apivita has a lot of choice. I'll tell you guys about my experience with two types of serums.

The first one is called Natural Serum Hydration, this serum hydrates your skin for 24 hours. Because of the instant increase you can apply your day or night cream right after. And of course your skin feels very soft! What i like a lot about this serum is that my skin looks very healthy.

Now the second one is called Natural Serum Radiance, i think you guys can guess what it does. This serum has vitamin C which helps the skin improve it self, and of cours this one will make your skin soft as well! What i like the most about this serum is that it helps with discoloration, i have a lot of dark spots on my face and after using this serum the spots became a lot lighter.  

Lets talk about the Apivita face creams now shall we. I have four types to share with you, but believe me there is much more to see!

I'm going to start with my favorite one which is called Queen Bee. I love honey a lot and i never thought that it would be so good for your skin. The Apivita Queen Bee day dream helps restore the deepest layers of the skin, it's mostly used for the more mature skin. But that didn't stop me. The same goes for the Apivita Queen Bee night cream. This one is very nice, it helps your skin with all the little problems that start appearing at night.

Now there's two left to tell a story about. Don't worry i'll keep it short, i'm sure you guys what to check out there online store.

The Apivita Aqua Vita line is very nice for the young adult skin, because now is the time to hydrate your skin. What i tried was the Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Eye Cream from Aqua Vita. It gives your eyes the fresh look it needs and also protects premature aging.

Last but not least the Apivita Wine Elixer line. This line is for the mature skin, the thing i like about this line is the nice smell of grapes which are used in the creams. What i tried was the Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Rich cream, of cours this is not for my skin but i thought lets give it a try. And i'm very happy about the result of this cream, my skin looks very health and feels soft and i love the smell.

Did you know that Apis means bee and Vita means life in greek? I didn't. But what can i say, i don't speak greek any way!
Life of the Bee


Today i have a very special type of earrings to share.
Check out these little bubbles all the way from Thailand.

It's always nice to discover new things, especially when it's a different style in another country. These earrings are a new trend in Thailand. You have them made from different materials, filled with stones or glitter. And don't get me started on the colours you can pick from. 
The way you wear them makes it even more interesting to look at. 

I chose nude pink and a see through earring filled with golden stones, to match my clothes and other accessories. The earrings are very easy to wear and even if they look heavy, they are quite comfortable. They're my new favorites to wear, now imagine how nice it would look with darker colours for fall. 

What do you guys think ? Looks different right! And i love it.



I was always the one to fall in love too fast, hoping that this time love will last
I could feel myself falling, and waiting for his calling
But i learned the hard way, that no one of them will stay
They say i'm cold and that i will probably die alone and old
But i cannot help falling in love so fast, hoping that this one will last
I learned the hard way you see, and that's why i don't like sharing stuff about me
But don't you blame me and say that you're just cold, when the real problem is
that there's a story you just never told

                            By sarafina 
Everybody has a story


My lipstick addiction continues! Take a look at this wonderful color. 
I hope you guys don't mind being a sinner sometimes..

As I said once before, the lipsticks from M.A.C are my favorite. This one is from the matt lipstick collection. What i like about this collection the most is that i can wear a crazy color and still keep that matt finish. Of course this collection also has great nude colours to make your lips look very natural. But that's another story! I think this color looks very nice for autumn.. What do you guys think?

They say it can be hard to be a sinner, but i think you'll always end up a winner.
                                                'Matt Sin A34'
Sinful A34


Everybody has a favorite ring, let me introduce you to mine.
Designed by 'Martine Viergever'

This little one i found at a fashion market in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The brand is owned by a dutch designer called Martine Viergever, and i am in love with her jewelry!

You guys already know that pearls are my favorite so i'm sure you'll understand why i had to buy this one. I've been following her collection for quite some time and it's definitely worth it to check out the website. I love the way they turn practical everyday things into something so beautiful and special. 

So much pretty things and so little time, right? Actually it's money but that will never stop me! How about you ?
A little grey pearl


Pray if you can, pray if you want
Hold her hand, guide the light tell her this is not her fight
Dream if you must dream if it will safe, all of you and her remains
Hope for yourself and hope for her, cause she can only see things through a blur
Pray, oh yes pray that it will carry her away
Dream and scream that it was all just mean
It will grab your soul, it will feel like the cup is too full
but that way you'll know
That it's easier to just let go

                          By sarafina 



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