I hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas! 
Apologies for the delay. 
But to make up for lost time i have something nice to share.

The thing i like most about christmas is being together with family and surprising them with nice gifts. And off course, getting surprised myself!
These lovely pearls came all the way from Thailand. Like i said before pearls are my favorite, and this necklace with a matching bracelet are part of my collection now. I just love the colours, what do you guys think?

For me it's only a few days left until the countdown. 2014 will end soon. I wish you guys the best and a lot of blogging fun. All thats left now it waiting for the summer sun!
Colorful pearls


We all have one, or we all want one.
Let talk about the Casio Watches.

I don't like buying items that a lot of people have. But with this watch i just couldn't say no! It looks great with a lot of outfits.

I chose gold version with noting extra special. But I discovered that you have so many different Casio Watches with colours and prints. I'm sure there is one for every type of person.

And off course the price! I like it that i don't have to pay a lot of money for something so simple. I think this watch is defiantly a must have. Does matter what color or size, it will finish your outfit in a different way.

So hipster


Can I lay by your side
May I help you with your fight
Can I lay by your side
May I make you feel alright
Can I lay by your side
May I please stay the night
Can I lay by your side
May I before you catch your flight
Can I hope to see you soon
May I wish it before the next full moon
Can I ask you please
May I have your 'Keys'
Can I let you melt
May that be what you have felt
Can I lay by your side
Trust me i will not lose you out of sight 

               By sarafina 
Can or May I


My vintage adventure continues!
Take a look at my fluffy bear jacket. 

The moment i saw this jacket i thought, this one is going to be nice for those cold winter days.
And when i tried it on i was sure. I love the color so much, it reminds me of a little bear.
Of course the leather parts are fake, but for me thats not a problem.

I'm very happy with my bear purchase! Because of the cold, i don't like dressing up that much. I rader stay warm. But pretty hurts right? Oh thats so Beyonce..
I hope you guys find something like this on 'your' vintage adventure. Good Luck guys!

Vintage adventure part 2


She has a curse they say, let me explain if you may
She loves, she loves big you see, put other peoples feelings
in front of a cup of tea 
She feels their pain and sorrow, and prays for their tomorrow
Still they backstab, lie and cheat, and every time there's a new one she meets
No not all are they same, she fights for some of them with big flames
But in all does years of caring, she does not feel the need for sharing
Hurt, it hurts a lot you see, and god does not want to set her free
At least thats what she says to me these days, what is the end conclusion to this case?
'i would not be me if i would not help does souls be free' 

                            By sarafina
End conclusion



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