Dear boy and girl

Your are traveling some secrets are unraveling
Joy and pain
But have no regrets and no shame
You have plenty of time following your own line
Under each others spell with a big story to tell
Sometimes drowning in lies trying to leave it a disguise
Scared of things that will brake making up for it with cake
Telling your selves twice walking cold ice
But have no regrets and have no shame
Because there will always be pain 
Boy and Girl you are traveling
some of your secrets are unraveling
Under each others spell
Until what end I shall not tell 

               By sarafina 

To a couple


Before the weekend starts let talk about bags.
Take a look at this black beauty!

This type of bag is not something i would usually buy. It looks so feminine and classy, but who can say no to this one right.. Its just so pretty! The leather gives the bag this raw look, which works great with a pair of jeans. So that means even casual outfits can be matched. I love wearing this bag when i go out to quick dinners after a long day of shopping, or when i go to the movies. I think that you could even fit a small iPad in there, so that means great for short school days as well!

They say when you go black you never go back. They might be right this time..

Black beauty


Why aren’t you looking he says
It seems like your heart is here less and less
Why aren’t you talking he says
It feelings like such a big mess
Why aren’t you seeing he says
It looks like staring through blurred glass
Why aren’t you feeling he says
It hurts but i’m sure that you could guess
Why are you leaving he says
Because it might be for the best

         By sarafina

For the best


Let's talk about organic stuff shall we!
Take look at this Olive oil Lip balm.

We all have those days that we don't feel like putting any make up. Or that you want to go for the more natural look, this lip balm works great to achieve that!
Dr.Organic is a very nice brand when it comes to bioactive skincare. This lip balm holds virgin olive oil with mediterranean lemon oil.
It has a medium sun protection next to the fact that it's nourishing and hydrating. I like using it when i don't wear lipstick, or before i put lipstick on. Because of the weather lips can get very dry very fast. When i use the lip balm it will hold for at least 2 hours. A great product to use !

Give it a try! They have wonderful flavors, and they are real lip savors. 

Bio active lips


Today I will share my new OPI colours.
You can never have enough nail polish right!

I love matching my nail polish with a great bag or a nice shirt. It makes a simple outfit look like so much more. The colours that we have here might look a bit happy for the cold days, but a little happy never hurts!

The orange one looks great with black and a matching lipstick, that goes the same for the pink one.
Yellow looks amazing with a light colored sweater and some blue jeans. And last but definitely not least the green one. This one is my favorite, it looks great with grey and white. 

Sometimes the bright colours can be a little to bright for your outfit. I combine the bright colours with something more basic. This will change the look immediately.

Nails that looks so bright, have a way of putting you in a different light.
Bright OPI


You can always love but you can never win
It's like that with a lot of things
An addiction to love, thinking that it makes you rough
Using your heart like money that blows
Reminding you of casino's 
Bright light taken by spot light
Grasping and wishing you could role the dice again
Being afraid to look at them
An addiction to love, thinking that it makes you rough
Using your heart like money that blows
Reminding you of casino's
Like one of a thousand waiting for a chance
with your back turned against the fence
An addiction to love, you better use your special gloves
Using people's hearts like money that blows
Reminding them you like gambling in casino's
You can always love but you can never win
And yet you flip the card to me and sing

                By sarafina 



Boy with the broken soul
a heart with a big gaping hole
self made cages that lead to empty pages
In search to blame a ghost for being his host
not ready to feel or see
scared of himself and only used to flee
Choices that have to be made
mistakes that he thinks sealed his fate
Wishing for then to be now and now to be then
Thinking he will never be a better man
Nothing can make him hole
Cause he is the boy with the broken soul
Self destruct is all he knows
Knowing thats the way it goes

                By sarafina
The boy with a broken soul



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