Today I want to share a special bag.
What do you guys think of this Pink Ribbon bag designed by Bayou.

Vandaag wil ik een speciale tas delen.
Wat vinden jullie van deze Pink Ribbon tas ontworpen door Bayou.

Bayou is a brand that supports breast cancer research and to make that happen they sell these cute bags. I think breast cancer researches are very important and I love the way they are supporting the strong ladies that are fighting today. 
By showing of this bag I show my own support and love for this subject. 

Bayou is een merk dat borstkanker onderzoek steunt en om dit te laten gebeuren verkopen ze deze leuke tasjes. Ik denk dat borstkanker onderzoeken heel erg belangrijk zijn en ik hou van de manier waarop ze deze sterke vechtende vrouwen steunen.
Door deze tas te dragen laten ik mijn eigen steun en liefde voor dit onderwerp zien.

This ribbon in pink will write more than normal ink.
A pink ribbon


It ain't yours to throw away, and I ain't yours so I'll won't stay
Every time I open up my eyes, tears won't let me see the sky's 
But it ain't yours to throw away, cause all I want is to stay the same
And every time I open up my mind, I lose the gift to be kind
But it ain't your to throw away, and that is why I say
That every time I will think of you, I'll force myself to not be blue
Cause it is mine to throw away and sad I shall never stay

                      By sarafina 
Shall not stay


Lets talk shoes today.
What do you guys think of my new Clarks!

Laten we het vandaag over schoenen hebben.
Wat vinden jullie van mijn nieuwe Clarks!

You can never have enough shoes, at least thats what I think. These sneakers I discovered while I was shoe shopping in Rotterdam.
I am in love with the color, it works great with a lot of outfits, specially while spring is slowly arriving.

Clarks are a great brand with a nice quality, the sole of these girls make the shoe extra special. And they are very comfortable! I like wearing these with a nice pair of jeans or a fun dress. I hope you guys start shoe shopping as well. They are out there! 

Je kan nooit genoeg schoenen hebben, althans dat is wat ik vind. Deze sneakers heb ik gevonden tijdens het shoe shoppen in Rotterdam. 
Ik ben verliefd op de kleur, het past goed bij zo veel verschillende outfits, zeker nu de lente er langzaam aan komt.

Clarks is een geweldig merk met goede kwaliteit, de zool van deze dames maakt de schoen extra speciaal. En ze zijn zo comfortabel! Ik draag ze graag met een leuke jeans of jurk. Ik hoop dat jullie zelf ook al aan het shoe shoppen zijn. They are out there! 

These are so purple rain.. Oh wait! The sun is shining bright, I can't wait for more of that light.
Purple without rain


I know it been a while but lets talk about mango's.
We all love mango's.

Ik weet dat het een weer een tijd geleden is maar laten we het over mango's hebben. 
We houden allemaal van mango's.

The Body Shop is a great shop for body pleasure! And we are not talking about fifty shades of grey here. The two products here a nice gift and I have to say that I am in love with the smell and texture.

The first product is a body scrub, when I first tried this product it felt like touching real mango's. And to not forget the smell. It's just amazing!

The second one is a body butter. All I have to say is that my skin does not only smell wonderful, the cream moisturizes on a top level.

The Body Shop is in geweldige winkel voor echte body pleasure! En we hebben het hier niet over fifty shades of grey. Deze twee producten waren een cadeautje en ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat ik verliefd ben op de geur en textuur.

Het eerste product is een body scrub, toen ik deze uitprobeerde voelde het alsof ik echte mango's op mijn huid smeerde. En niet te vergeten de geur. Absoluut geweldig!

Het tweede product is een body butter. Het enige wat ik kan zeggen is dat mijn huid niet alleen geweldig ruikt, maar ook gehydrateerd word op een top level.

We all know that when you smell great, you will pass by any gate.
Mango butter


Lets combine poems with art photography.
I hope you guys like lightning. 

All dark things in nature can be exposed by light 
Bodies as dwellings for souls trying to get out with a fight
I've got to get out of here this game is no longer fun
You don't show your true feelings you just run
I've got to get out of here and make sure you'll see
You don't look further than those four trees 
I've got to get out of here and then you'll know
You just face the mirror and I will show

Cause it hurts so bad and I can't stand the taste
All those tears you put to waste 
Iv'e got to get out of here and save whats lefts
Whats left of me because then I'll be free
All dark things in nature can be exposed by light
Minds as dwellings for feelings trying to get out with a fight

 By sarafina 
Exposed by light


Time is ticking and weekend is starting.
Check out this fabulous watch.

I think a good watch has a great impact on your outfit. The look can change from casual to classy or feminine.
Tutti Milano has a great collection with all the colours you can imagine! Because I am a great optimist I chose the color white since spring is right around the corner.. Or maybe not yet, but who cares!

I like wearing this watch with casual outfits. If I wear something simple this watch will change the look immediately! I'm sure that this brand has a watch that will fit any wardrobe, just pick a style and color.

Watches do not only tell time, with a special color they give a sign.
Take your time


Lets talk skin care on this Tuesday.
I hope you guys like roses.

I never thought that roses could be so soft for your skin, specially  for the face. These two products came all the way from Bulgaria, they use roses for all their facial products.
The tonic spray can be used to clean the face after a long day. After a few minutes I always use a day of night cream.

The rose hand cream is great for those chilly February days. It smells fantastic and your hand feel like silk! 
My advice ? Take a look at the rose department in your favorite store, i'm sure you will be surprised by the results.

Roses are red or in this case pink take a look at yourself in the mirror and wink.

Bulgarian rose



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