Five times five minutes


Five times a day, I have a moment were I slip away
I just go down and words leave me still
There is nothing there keeping me against my free will
Five times a day, I have a moment were I feel ten feet tall
You guid me over every wall
Five times a day, I know I won't be alone
Please help me to stay and not turn to stone
Five times a day, I get closer to me
cause closer to you is when I feel free
Five times a day, something I don't wanna miss
It feels like a goodmorning and goodnight kiss

Five times a day, now and I hope for more
I hope one day they will lead me trough that door


  1. wonderful poem...beautifully write, That photo is also really nice.

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  5. Grazie per aver condiviso con noi questa tua poesia, baci!

  6. Well writtenđź‘Ź girl uve got some talent!



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