Wrapped up so consumed by all this world. If you ask me I don't know where to start. Anger, love, confusion, goals that go no where. I came to you with a broken faith you gave me more than a heart could hold. Now they want me to feel like that it's just sold. But I know space will make it better and time will make it heal and that we won't be lost forever. I know you will hold us in our darkest hour and take the wheel. I know you know we lose control and that you will save our broken souls. So i'm wrapped up, haunted and falling but not consumed by this world. Cause as he holds me now one day I hope he will take me home. Just know you'll never be alone.

All this world


Do you know that feeling when you come home after whatever you have been up to and you are ready to sit back with a cup of tea or coffee. I am actually have a cup of tea right now! I can remember the time when I was a little girl and my mom would always make me the tea version of coffee. I guess your wondering what that is, some of you might know it as tea with coffee milk. I was such a proud little girl with my big cup next to my mom while talking about our day. 

I felt so save and happy and I noticed that I started to forget about this little me and the tea moment. Sometimes I catch myself getting so stressed from school, work, a SOCAIL life and other things that I just can't give myself a break. I am not really a coffee drinker not even when I have those long night deadlines. Tea is something I always drink to make sure that I get enough hydration and I have to admit that water bores me sometimes.. I know it might be weird but please bare with me! Coming back to the save and happy feeling, a few days ago I was home all by myself and I did not want to study the whole evening. I am not a good example when it comes down to series or homework. I was fixing myself a cup of english tea when I looked in the fridge and saw the coffee milk. You can guess what I did of course.. And it was the best and nostalgic feeling I had in a while it's so strange how little things that happened in your childhood can be forgotten so easily but still come back at the right moment when you need them.

For me this is a great way to just go back, relax and think about nothing. I do wonder what you guys like to do to make yourself feel comfortable and relax. We all have little things that we sometimes need to get back to the basics so to say. So whenever you feel like it's time to take a chill grab a cup of tea or do whatever you have to and take your moment. And do it when you need it and not when it's to late cause you never know what happens tomorrow. 

Memories and moments


Yesterday 've been working on school for so long that I just had to take a break. Homework is just so HOMEWORK and i'm sure that you guys know what I mean. But thinking of it this subject is actually pretty intresting. We as in me and the group that I have to work with are looking at the serivce of the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam. I've been there so many times but since this project started I just can't go there anymore. The security is starting to recogniaze me..

Anyways! Yesterday I had to go back again to start a little interview with a few people. The idea was to find out what they like about the museum and what they think need improving. I talked with a lot of different people and it was a lot of fun because I brought my little sis with me. Well actually I forced her a bit.. But hey were sisters. After a lot of talks me and my sis started thinking about what we like about going to a museum and why whenever we visit a new country our city we just have to go there. Of course we all want to sniff a little culture and art when we are on adventure but why is it always on the top of most peoples list?

I just love seeing art but I never like going to a museum I always get hungry and tired. After walking past some paitings I always wanne sit down and that's when the troubel starts. When I walk past art pieces I automaticlly walk as slow as a snail which makes me even more tired. But I still do it! I don't know how you guys feel about going to a museum and breathing in all that art but I just need a big bag of chips and a nap. It might seem as if I am taking out my fustrations on the blog but I am actually stolling time because I have to continue.. I have to say that I am quite curious what you guys think, feel, like, hate and love about a visit to a museum. So do TELL ME! My favorite places to go even do I when I am there I wanne leave are : Boijmans, Kunsthal, Natuur Historisch Museum and little art gallary's in the city. These are all Rotterdam based so if you are ever in town and want to breath some art and culture, do not hesitate!

Top of the list


These days i've been working on my green fingers! Me and my new roommate both love plants and flowers and everyting els that you can nurs with a little love and water. Within one week I bought three plants two vases and a bag of bio pots. I have to say that this is one of the most fun and relaxing things you can do instead of your homework. It is going so far that we are even trying to grow our own vegtabels!

I know it's a bit weird.. ButI have to say that ever cute store I pass by these days has everything you need to grow your own little friends. It's like they know I will pass by just to go to another store or to buy something for a friend (or myself of course) and then BAM! I go home with one vase and the next day I buy a plant. Some of you might not understand the need to buy stuff like this but it make a house a home for me. And a good carpet of course!

If you are also getting the green finger feeling and do you want to take care of your own little kids, here are a few of my favorite shops to find plants, pots, flowers and all that! I wish you all a good weekend cause tomorrow it's FRIDAY which means markets with nice cheap food and funny little things to buy. Thinking of it! Now the sun is shining more do not forget to check out the markets in your area to find the most beautiful plants and flowers!

Green fingers


Sometimes I wonder why I get this save feeling as soon as I lay in my bed and pull the blancket close to me. I'm sure people in countries that have war do the same but still don't have that save feeling. A while ago I was working on this project called The Observer. I wanted to learn more about sleep but not in a sience type of way. I wanted to understand why we breath and move a certain way that makes us feel save.

In my opinion we are never really save of the world as soon as we are home in our own beds. It's an illusion that we creat for ourself and our childeren in simpele ways like singing a lullaby. It's so facinating to think about the way we curl up with our pillows and think that nothing can harm us. Or at least it is to me..

I love that feeling of me and my bed after a long and hard day I guess we all do. But I can't help but wonder sometimes about people that don't feel save that can't curl up in bed with a lot of pillows. That hear there parents lullaby's but still hear the outside world reminding them of reality. I think that sometimes it's good for us to think about others and what they don't have so that we appriciet what we do have. It's very cliche I know! But still bare with me! Something as simpel as sleeping in your bed with your own smels and your own pillows and blancets and go on. Is that just the best feeling in the world? 

All of this I only started to realize after my project was finished and I got my grade and I was happy. Funny how things can pop up after some time and have such an impact on your way of thinking. My project The Observer started out as a simpel way of looking at people sleeping but in the end for me it was a good reminder was how some people can't. To see the video click here The Observer.

The observer


As promised I am still here! Today I want share my thought on vlogging and tryout video. A few years ago the only thing I would look at on youtube were food, music clips, food, ways to understand Google, more food and lets see Harry Potter fan things. But there is so much more out there it's CRAZY! My little sister introduced me to a lot of wonderful vloggers that post about the funniest things.

Those kids these days right! For me the vloggers out there are amazing they though me how I could fix up my Hijab and learn about minimalistic makeup and so on and on. A few months ago I had to do a little assignment for school involving different artist and what I think of these work. The perfect time to try this vlogging thing! But of course not by myself because that way I would look like a silly muslima talking about some art and thats to boring for me.

Me and my sis tried to make something so serieus into something funny and maybe a little enoying. But in the end my teachter had a good laugh and that's what it was all about in the end. I found out that I left this vlog tryout on Youtube and I just had to share it with you guys. I hope you all get a good laugh, cause laughing is healthy guys! Click on Youtube to see our video! 



I can't believe that it's been so long! But guess what? I'm back and to stay of course. A lot can happen in a few months and I never though time would go by so fast. For those who are wondering what i've been up to lets just say that the first year of art school took a little bit of my life. I'm sure that happens with the most of us that are still studying..

After a while I got stuck in this "I have" a winter depression, school depression , socail depression or so. At one point I just thought NO it has to stop and what does a student wih a low budget do. She moves! The one thing I forgot at that moment was that moving is even more STRESS. And believe me I hated myself for making a choice like this so soon in a new school semester.

Weeks went by and after some Ikea trips a little paint and a lot of love my two rooms are ready to be lived in. Or at least ready enough.. I have never felt so much peace as when I could move all my little thing into my rooms, a new adventure! That was also the moment when I realized that my blog was still there waiting for me, and so the search began for a new template. 

So TADAAAAA what do you guys think? Mangoblogs is my favorite when it comes down to templates. I am not really a html type of girl and i'm sure that there are more of you out there. I'm telling you Mangoblogs is your template genius! Since a little and a lot has changed in a short period of time also my type of post are going to get a little freshing up. For some it might be a bit different but not to worry my way of writing will stay the same.

I hope you all still feel the love to keep following me and read, give tips, tricks and all that. I wish you all a great week and still soon! <3   

Fresh mind



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