Green fingers


These days i've been working on my green fingers! Me and my new roommate both love plants and flowers and everyting els that you can nurs with a little love and water. Within one week I bought three plants two vases and a bag of bio pots. I have to say that this is one of the most fun and relaxing things you can do instead of your homework. It is going so far that we are even trying to grow our own vegtabels!

I know it's a bit weird.. ButI have to say that ever cute store I pass by these days has everything you need to grow your own little friends. It's like they know I will pass by just to go to another store or to buy something for a friend (or myself of course) and then BAM! I go home with one vase and the next day I buy a plant. Some of you might not understand the need to buy stuff like this but it make a house a home for me. And a good carpet of course!

If you are also getting the green finger feeling and do you want to take care of your own little kids, here are a few of my favorite shops to find plants, pots, flowers and all that! I wish you all a good weekend cause tomorrow it's FRIDAY which means markets with nice cheap food and funny little things to buy. Thinking of it! Now the sun is shining more do not forget to check out the markets in your area to find the most beautiful plants and flowers!


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