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Sometimes I wonder why I get this save feeling as soon as I lay in my bed and pull the blancket close to me. I'm sure people in countries that have war do the same but still don't have that save feeling. A while ago I was working on this project called The Observer. I wanted to learn more about sleep but not in a sience type of way. I wanted to understand why we breath and move a certain way that makes us feel save.

In my opinion we are never really save of the world as soon as we are home in our own beds. It's an illusion that we creat for ourself and our childeren in simpele ways like singing a lullaby. It's so facinating to think about the way we curl up with our pillows and think that nothing can harm us. Or at least it is to me..

I love that feeling of me and my bed after a long and hard day I guess we all do. But I can't help but wonder sometimes about people that don't feel save that can't curl up in bed with a lot of pillows. That hear there parents lullaby's but still hear the outside world reminding them of reality. I think that sometimes it's good for us to think about others and what they don't have so that we appriciet what we do have. It's very cliche I know! But still bare with me! Something as simpel as sleeping in your bed with your own smels and your own pillows and blancets and go on. Is that just the best feeling in the world? 

All of this I only started to realize after my project was finished and I got my grade and I was happy. Funny how things can pop up after some time and have such an impact on your way of thinking. My project The Observer started out as a simpel way of looking at people sleeping but in the end for me it was a good reminder was how some people can't. To see the video click here The Observer.

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  1. OOh i love curling up with lots of pillows. And I dont love sharing my pillows too haha
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3



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