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Yesterday 've been working on school for so long that I just had to take a break. Homework is just so HOMEWORK and i'm sure that you guys know what I mean. But thinking of it this subject is actually pretty intresting. We as in me and the group that I have to work with are looking at the serivce of the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam. I've been there so many times but since this project started I just can't go there anymore. The security is starting to recogniaze me..

Anyways! Yesterday I had to go back again to start a little interview with a few people. The idea was to find out what they like about the museum and what they think need improving. I talked with a lot of different people and it was a lot of fun because I brought my little sis with me. Well actually I forced her a bit.. But hey were sisters. After a lot of talks me and my sis started thinking about what we like about going to a museum and why whenever we visit a new country our city we just have to go there. Of course we all want to sniff a little culture and art when we are on adventure but why is it always on the top of most peoples list?

I just love seeing art but I never like going to a museum I always get hungry and tired. After walking past some paitings I always wanne sit down and that's when the troubel starts. When I walk past art pieces I automaticlly walk as slow as a snail which makes me even more tired. But I still do it! I don't know how you guys feel about going to a museum and breathing in all that art but I just need a big bag of chips and a nap. It might seem as if I am taking out my fustrations on the blog but I am actually stolling time because I have to continue.. I have to say that I am quite curious what you guys think, feel, like, hate and love about a visit to a museum. So do TELL ME! My favorite places to go even do I when I am there I wanne leave are : Boijmans, Kunsthal, Natuur Historisch Museum and little art gallary's in the city. These are all Rotterdam based so if you are ever in town and want to breath some art and culture, do not hesitate!


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