As promised I am still here! Today I want share my thought on vlogging and tryout video. A few years ago the only thing I would look at on youtube were food, music clips, food, ways to understand Google, more food and lets see Harry Potter fan things. But there is so much more out there it's CRAZY! My little sister introduced me to a lot of wonderful vloggers that post about the funniest things.

Those kids these days right! For me the vloggers out there are amazing they though me how I could fix up my Hijab and learn about minimalistic makeup and so on and on. A few months ago I had to do a little assignment for school involving different artist and what I think of these work. The perfect time to try this vlogging thing! But of course not by myself because that way I would look like a silly muslima talking about some art and thats to boring for me.

Me and my sis tried to make something so serieus into something funny and maybe a little enoying. But in the end my teachter had a good laugh and that's what it was all about in the end. I found out that I left this vlog tryout on Youtube and I just had to share it with you guys. I hope you all get a good laugh, cause laughing is healthy guys! Click on Youtube to see our video! 


  1. Loving your blog <3
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