As a person you sometimes get in situation you don't always like but what do you do about it. I always try to make the best out of everything that I get on my plate and make sure that I stay focused on my path. Last semester I had to pick a completely different study for 9 weeks to meet new people and learn new things. In the beginning I was very excited but in the end I could not wait for it to be over. It's funny how you just know that the study you picked and the people you are with in this road fit with you even do you don't always get along. After being so happy in my own little bubble I was popped out.

Working with people of a different discipline was a great adventure I learned so much about them and mostly about myself. Patients is something I think we all need if we want to succeed in life when it comes down to a carrier. The hardest part was to try and find a balance between what I like to think about and combine with my work as a art student and what my teachers expect me to do. I'm sure you all have those moment when you think why is this so hard and why can't I do it my way. It sucks! In the end though it can help finding what it is that you want to do with you life and your dreams. Which is a good thing, we all need a push sometimes and it might not be in the way we want it. In the end things happen for a reason, or maybe not it depends on what you believe. Enough of that do! I tried to make an idea for in the further future inspired by the movie Wall-E. I love this movie it's so cute and in the same time scary cause what would it be like to life in space and never be able to go back home.

I made a plan where we as humans could make sure that plants will keep on growing with our help but without us knowing about it. The concept is a bit vague but I will try to explain.. Tiny cubes with little plant seeds will be placed under the ground these cubes will have special sensors hidden with the seeds that we monitor human life passing by the cube. In the end when there is enough human life the sensor will break the cube and the seed will have water, earth and space to grow out into a plant. I know this is so SI-FI but it was my assignment so bare with me! I tried to make a video to make a visual of my idea, it did not turnout the way I wanted but in the end I was very happy with the result. If you are curious to see what I am talking about click here. Love to know what you are thinking! 



We all have those moments when we look back at something we did or said and that we think WHAT WAS I THINKING! When I was a little girl I never really talked that much about my feelings or thoughts. Because of that people did not understand me or what I wanted. After a while a lot of bullying I found my voice somewhere on the pavement I think, and I said everything that was in my mind about how I feel. I have to say that, that worked out for a while and I felt so much better knowing that people understood me and knew where I was coming from. 

But then I got older and things started to change I moved out and started to live the student life. I got in to art school and I started working in the art world. People liked the sassy me but I realized that I was turning into my old childhood self slowly. I did not get why I wanted to be so calm and overthinking it all while life is full of fun and the unexpected. So I continued being the loud talking lady that was always ready to help everybody and be the first to do the task. I started to feel more and more tired but I kept going strong until one moment I was at home and thought to myself why is being a busy bee so important to me? It was also in that time that I started my intrest for the Islam and after a long time I even converted. But still after I converted and started wearing the Hijab I always wanted people to like me and feel comfortable around me. I wanted them to know that I will always be there to help and listen, but they never really listed to me anymore. People did not understand me evendo I used my found voice, they where to busy looking at their own life and world. But how do you deal with something like that when you feel the need to be understood? I asked myself this question a lot and I always told myself the same muslim advice. I know right a lot of struggles in the mind!  After juggling I decided to let it al go like the frozen song and just go with my own feelings. I realized that not only my believes have changed over a long time and that I came back to my faith which is the Islam, but that I also came back to myself. I always wanted to be accepted and liked so I tried to please and help my surroundings at the cost of forgetting me and what I want.

What do I want? To be honest sometimes I don't know but I think we all go through that fase in our lives. In the end I came back to myself and I became a calmer person not much of a fun busy bee but still someone people can count on. I think there are people out there that forget about themselves a lot when they want to help and try to be accepted, in the end that is all we want. But I just hope those people which I am one of don't forget to sit back and reflect and think about what is important. Cause we all change and in the end we all stay the same.  



Me and my sister have been uploading a few video's since we started to try this Yoututbe thing. I have to say that it is actually a lot of fun and great sister bonding! As I told you in one of my other post I have no clue what is going on when it comes down to vlogging and working with Youtube. I'm lucky enough to know how to upload something. I know I know shame on me.. 

So far it is working out pretty well and my sister is very happy to see that people watch our video's. Nothing is more important than a happy teenager, if you know what I mean. A week ago we uploaded our first 'real' channel video. WOOHOO! This video is a try not to get scaed challenge, I am not going to spoil a lot but believe me that I do not always scream like a little child. I DON'T! The second video we uploaded a few days ago and this one is about us. My sister calls it a to much information tag, do not ask my why i'm doing this.. Oh yeah I remember 'we' are doing this because it's fun and we want to make people laugh. So I hope it's working! If you want to find out what it is that I am talking about or are you just bored or in for me making a complete fool out of myself click here.
Oh and what do they always say? Please subscribe or something.. anyway I hope you all had a nice Easter and I wish you all a beautiful new week! 

Sister upload



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