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Guess what i've been up to these past few days. Gossip Girl. Oh yes again for like the I don't even know how may times. I never thought a type of serie like this would catch my intrest. What I love the most about this crazy drama and gossip is the clothes. Not all in my street to be onest but still amazing. After a few episode I got excited to take a goo look at my closet and get all the things that i'm not wearing anymore out and all the things I love in. Which were a scarf from H&M a long shirt from Monkie and jeans also from H&M. I have to say that the scarf is my favorite for this summer I love the shape and the color and! A lost of Hijab Blogger have them.

My top three favorites are HijabHills, Dina tokio and Saima Chowdhury
I love seeing what they have been up to and finding a new "how to wear your hijab'' style.
Next to Gossip Girl I have a hole list of series that have been coming out this summer. But I will save that for later 'wink'. On my next post I will share one of my summer Hijab styles with you in the streets of Rotterdam. I am wondering what your favorite summer item is! Can't wait to hear all about it have a nice week!


  1. Fabulous ensemble

    Love Vikee

  2. My favorite summer item are sunglasses and this is not summer item,but I have to say that I can't survive summer without watermelon. I live in Croatia and it's so hot there right now so I always refresh myself with watermelon. But I study in England and most of the time I am there. Where do you live? :)

    1. I live in the Netherlands so sunglasses are not really needed most of the time hahah :) I love strawberry the most when it is summer! Ohh my! Croatia looks so beautiful I would love to visit :)

  3. Really dig this look! Shoes are on point.



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