When the school year end's


You must know the feeling when you are waiting for you package to arrive and you hear the mailman knock on the door and excitement runs through your heart. Yeah I know online shopping does it to all of us. BUT! The reason that I have been missing yet again was not for nothing and I have not used online shopping for so long this is crazy! Where to begin..
First and most importantly art school takes a lot of your time, like A LOT of your time. After my third project I wanted to try something new and see where my intrest was going and found my self a job as a volunteer at one of Rotterdam's best museum the Kunsthal.
Next to art school still taking most of my life and brain I found myself a bit lost in my mind. Not knowing what I was looking for at the moment was pretty frustrating I have to say. How does that go with you guys? I guess we all get at a certain point where we have to see if what we want is still just that and not something els. Believe me I took my time to get back to whatever it was that I was looking for to discover I don't want it anymore. When I think of it this drama is such a waist of time don't you think? Oh well I guess that's parts of still growing up.

Moving to my new apartment was such an adventure next to trying to fix nice grades for school I let go of the nice outfits, getting to see my friends, SHOPPING and taking time for myself. For those still young do enjoy it cause before you know it it will be over.
Oke oke I'm joking it will be fine. Getting back to the taking care of myself part you could say that I was a little dramatic or at least I think but in the end it worked out. Thinking of being alone was horrible but at the same time it was what I needed. I found myself shopping for hours with a close friend of mine and I was not even the one looking for something. But just that feeling of me a friend and not thinking of time or responsibility's was just amazing. Not thinking about anything or anybody. I might have been gone in my mind but the one thing I found out is that you can never lose yourself if you just take the time to keep up with your 'me time' if you get what I mean. So to all that passed there exams and are looking forward to a nice long vacation! ENJOY!   

                 Picture by: Emma Hopstaken

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