So! I have some great news or at least it think it's great. Me and my sister finally got together and worked out some new idea's for our Youtube channel. We started this "thing" a while ago for my school projects and fun of course  I guess I just really liked it a lot, so I wanted to get back at it!

After some thinking and searching I found out about this company called Styletone. They put together "boxes" with products in them that bloggers, vloggers and others can try out and review. You have a lot of those company's going around, but this was the first one that is in the Netherlands that I liked. So I subscribed and now I will receive a Styletone box every month with 5 full size products. I am not going to tell you what's in the box cause, we as in me and my sister made you guys a UNBOXING video to share this first experience. I hope to be doing this every month now cause I LOVE to try new things and this way I can meet new products and share this with you guys. We don't want to get bored now right? SO I hope you guys have some time to check it out and hit the like button and of couse subscribe. Have a nice week and talk to you again soon!

Video adventure | Unboxing |


Like I said in my previous post about my new orderd products the BOX GOT IN! I did not want to post the products right away because I wanted to give them a change to show me their super powers. For today's post I only show two products that I use everyday, the other productes will be a surprise for next time!

The first one up it Jacob Hooy's natural beauty roze milk, I know right it already sound nice and jummy. When I was really young I had a lot of spots on my face my dad came with a super cream from Jacob Hooy to fix up my face. I forgot about this brand for a long time till I saw this one on discount on Holland & Barret. But enough about my childhood memory let talk about this cute thing. I was looking for a product that would help me clean my face after a long day at school, a party of work. Jacob Hooy uses a lot of natrual ingredients to help your skin feel fresh, soft and clean. You can use this milk twice a day to get your skin super clean. What I loved about this cream the second I got it is the smell, I really wanted to eat it and love it at the same time. Next to that using it for a little while now my skin really liked it. It is not to agressive on my skin and leaves the skin really soft and moist. And have you see that package! To cute right!

The other product that I have been trying these days it this great Tamnu oil form Holland & barret home brand. These days I have a lot of scars on my face cause you know as soon as I get a little spot it is pretty hard from me to leave it alone. And before you know it the face is red and hurt and in need of some love. This product is great for those out there that are in need of recovery and care. Tamanu helps your skin to recover it self, take care of scars and keeps your skin young. Because it's an oil I use this product when I get ready for bed. The smell is not so great to be really onest but after two days of using it my skin already started to heal and look much better. In one word GREAT!

Beauty tryout


Like 10 post ago I promised you guys that I would share my favorite series that I have been watching, started watching or keep on watching these dasy. SO! I thought long and hard and made myself a list of what I say and could remember cause I liked it. And I found out that my tast goes from romantic to horror and from funny to drama. I just don't know what I want sometimes i'm sorry.. But! Lets get starting with what I watch now.

Pretty Little Liars
Game of Thrones
Devious Maids
Marco Polo

So of them you might now and watch and some of them you don't know and SHOULD WATCH! Pretty little lairs is one of those series that I just can't leave, it has been going on so long but everytime I catch myself being happy there is a new episode. Game of Thrones I stopt after the third season cause the story got to boring for me, but now that the summer has been going on for a while I got myself back up to date. Devious Maids and Marco polo I love! Marco Polo is a Netflix special and the second season just started. For those that like latina drama and a little Desperate Housewives idea Devious Mais is your thing! Blacklist and suits are for when I feel I need some action in my life while staying on the couch.. And for me they are also SO FUNNY. And last but not least Salem. I don't know why but me and my sister have had this thing for super natural shizzle like for ever. This one might be a bit nasty but I think it's a cool serie. And Nashville is just Nashville and I love it and all of my friend's hate it cause they sing a lot.

Now lets go to what I still watch even after I have watched it a hundred times. Get ready!

Gossip girl
Prison Break
Downton Abbey

Pretty small list right? Well I have to say at these series I just have to watch ones a year. It's like a must have that just keeps coming back. Gossip girl is like my summer addition to eating fruits. Prison Break helps me break through the hard winters and Downton Abbey is somewhere in between. Now to what I started watching.. 

How to get away with Murder
Orphan Black

Now this list is even smaller, but I watch so much I have to give my eyes a rest sometimes. Orphan black is AMAZING for those watching it I love you and for those that do not watch it GET TO IT NOW! Next to that I started How to get awat with murder cause what can I say I would like to know if I can and how.. Well that was a joke but guys this is my hole list for now. I would love to know what you guys watch, have watched or think I should watch, cause you can never have enough series in your life!

The list | my serie addiction


One thing I do with my friends, family and most of all my sister is share my beauty products. My sister is so lucky to get so much products from me if I may say so! But one of the products that I have been using for some time I got from a close friend of mine that is also a blogger! You might have heard about Quite a looker? Well do check her website it's amazing and so is she for giving me this great product. I never really tried 100 organic veggie products on my face before so this was a first for me. Bue Labelle oli is great for all skin types and has a great smell. 

The one that I have been trying these past few weeks is called Marula & Amaranth face oil. Sounds exciting right? I know! Well I have to say that using it for the first time I was not sure what to expect since I did not purchase this product myself. I like using oil products before I got to sleep because I do not like the oily face during the day. But no joke after using this product one time my skin already felt much softer and look way better. This oil is mostly for the dry and sensitive skin which is me, but I do not use it every day. I like mixing my products so that my skin does not get to used to one product. Cause my skin can be a hard one most of the times and likes to battle with me this is the way to roll for me. What I love most about this product is that I got it from my dear friend and that it smell like lavender, which has a great calming affect on the skin and me cause I love, love, love the smell. 

Beauty tryout | A friend's product


After a very long night and day I woke up feeling like a vampire. Most of the times I take a nap for an hour or so to recharge myself so that I can watch more series since it is summer. But these past two days I have been in a little downer dip, it might be the weather or the fact that female party is starting soon. I hate these moments in life when you feel slow and woozy. I don't know about you guys and if you ever have thse moments which you must because otherwise I feel like a little weirdo! 
But! The ways I have to make myself feel better are fun as soon as I think about it, maybe there is somethings that might be similar to what you do. One of my favorites is drinking tea, I really like go to the store and find myself a new tea that I have never tried before and sit with some candles. These days it stays longer light so if that doesn't work I try showering for a long time and using my favorite products and just stay in there a life time. 

Not a real life time just, you know for a long time! If that doens't work there is always online shopping, but that might not be so good for your saving plans so I never go there unless I really have to. Can you imagine? Another idea is that I change my wardrobe but that takes a lot of time! But you can play dress up on your own which I like sometimes.. Let me see.. What els do I try. Next to watching a movie or serie that I can relate to I like ating a lot of food but I do that most of the time already. The final thing that gives me a happy feeling is giving my little baby's water. I have this thing for plants since i moved in to my new apartment. Having a lot of them is not really my thing but I like a few cuties here and there. One that I really like to look at and use a lot for pictures is this little one. I don't know what it is but I like taking care of someting, what about you guys? What works for you? And to you have a favorite plant? I would love to know!

Those days and nights


One of the things I hate about myself is hayfever! Which means no sunshine walks where there is trees, flowers, grass and anything all that is nature. I got this little problem when I was pretty young and I found out a lot of people have it. So years it don't really notice it at all but this year it took a few of my blog days away. That why I have a 'hide the face photo' you would not believe the way my eyes look right now. I feel like bee! But enough of that! As you might have seen on my instagram I found a few new items for my wardrobe. Soon I will post an outfit post so you guys can see my new favorites. The sad thing is that the weather in Holland is to die for, in a pool of rain if you get what I mean. So I am stuck indoor looking for discounts online. And guess what I found a great website that sells a lot of nice products for body,skin and all of the sort. Holland & Barrett as you might guess is a dutch store where mostly my dad goes shopping. Crazy right? But the man has good taste that's for sure. 

After a lot of thinking and talking with my sister I picked a few products to tryout for my loving follwers and skin. Next to the fact that the order was cheap it will be here in a few days! I can't wait to see my box of little present in the hands off the mail man. I always smile to mine to make sure he has a nice day, don't forget to be kind to everyone that crosses your path guys! Have a nice week and till soon.

Sunshine, rain and a discount


One thing that I am doing this summer is working as a volunteer at one of Rotterdam's art exhibit places called the Kunsthal. I never thought doing something like this would be some much fun especially with different artist showing their work these days. In my last post I told you guys about my "not going" on vacation drama which still hasn't changed by the way. I don't know about you but most of my summer I just work and save up. This is the frist year I have so much free time at my hand I don't even know what to do next to watch a lot of series! A LOT!
Please tell me that their are more of you out there just sitting back with their laptops and are waiting for the sun. Or last least that is probably only Holland. But getting back to my adventure at Kunsthal. One thing that I have learnt until now is that it can be a long boring day or a long stressful one. Also it has a very interesting twist when it comes down to the art. One that got my eye is the exhibition called 'Bloodywood' where they show movie posters from Chana. Some are funny others are bit scary but it is definitely worth seeing if you find yourself in Rottedam. 

Soon I will share another artist that has his opening at the Kunsthal last week. I'm sure some of you might know him, but i'm not going to say any more you just have to wait and see! I would love to know what you guys have been up to so far in your summer. Have a nice week you guys, don't get to tan! 

This summer so far


Do you know the feeling when you are looking forward to something and then it get taken away cause you where never in power of making a choice? I DO!
So my crazy super fun family trip had to be cancelt on short notice and yes you can imagine I AM SAD. Well not really that sad cause the are still people that can go at all. But this feeling got me thinking about expectations and of course the best way to enjoy your holiday if you go. Remember one of those moments as a little kid and you really wanted something and your parents say no.

I know it hurts like the world will never be again tomorrow. But as we get older our intrest change and our patient becomes bigger and bigger. And yet in life we get those moments were we want something really bad or even thing that we need it. I think that in the end in life we don't need everthing we want, sometimes it's for the best. Call it faith call it destiny or just luck or even bad luck. In end it is not always as bad as it seems. But oke that's enough Shinkusara wanne be advice. Let's talk about finding me but mostly you the perfect get away for this summer. 
Going over all the websites and blogs that there are to find, I was wondering why so many people need a perfect get away. Of course we all have jobs, school, family, friends and our own mind to deal with all the time, but who says that going to another country can make all that go away. When I leave most of the time my friends or family come with me so I can't count them out I would never want to dream of that. And sometimes we leave on a business trip and try to steal some sunlight while working, but you still working. Don't get me started on the school thing let all be glade this year is over.

Bottomline is that the perfect get away does not have to involve leave your hometown, there are so much adventures waiting for us right around the corner. There will be boring days that is for sure! But who says maybe a little boredom does not make as chill a bit more.


Perfect get away



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