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Like I said in my previous post about my new orderd products the BOX GOT IN! I did not want to post the products right away because I wanted to give them a change to show me their super powers. For today's post I only show two products that I use everyday, the other productes will be a surprise for next time!

The first one up it Jacob Hooy's natural beauty roze milk, I know right it already sound nice and jummy. When I was really young I had a lot of spots on my face my dad came with a super cream from Jacob Hooy to fix up my face. I forgot about this brand for a long time till I saw this one on discount on Holland & Barret. But enough about my childhood memory let talk about this cute thing. I was looking for a product that would help me clean my face after a long day at school, a party of work. Jacob Hooy uses a lot of natrual ingredients to help your skin feel fresh, soft and clean. You can use this milk twice a day to get your skin super clean. What I loved about this cream the second I got it is the smell, I really wanted to eat it and love it at the same time. Next to that using it for a little while now my skin really liked it. It is not to agressive on my skin and leaves the skin really soft and moist. And have you see that package! To cute right!

The other product that I have been trying these days it this great Tamnu oil form Holland & barret home brand. These days I have a lot of scars on my face cause you know as soon as I get a little spot it is pretty hard from me to leave it alone. And before you know it the face is red and hurt and in need of some love. This product is great for those out there that are in need of recovery and care. Tamanu helps your skin to recover it self, take care of scars and keeps your skin young. Because it's an oil I use this product when I get ready for bed. The smell is not so great to be really onest but after two days of using it my skin already started to heal and look much better. In one word GREAT!


  1. Its a great review :3

  2. I have been using Aloe Vera pure oil on my face and it does wonders to my scars !




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