Since most of us are back at school now, me and the little sister decided to do a what's in my bag video. I have not been posting a lot because this first week has been crazy! My class has turend way bigger than last year so the class rooms are full and hot. But lets get into my school bag. My sister also started at a new school, I jsut can't believe how big she is getting! 

Most of the times I bring a backpack to school because this girl needs a lot of food and drinks with her. When I have a short day I might grab one of my "pretty bags" because I do not live that far from school. I am not going to spoil a lot about what I have in my bag because, you guys need to go check my new video out! I love love to know what you guys bring to school and what you favorite go to bag is!

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So my plan was to upload a new post about my August Unboxing. But I don't know what happend life just took over and the products where just chilling in the box. Of course I want to try most of the products before I talk about them so I can tell you guys what I think. So let's get started! 

First up is the Seraphine Rosy Cheeks for Seraphine Botanicals. The first time I saw this product I was like.. Why you so small little guy? Well that is because this products has so much pigment it's crazy! The smell is just amazing and the color is so nice. I can't really work well with something like this on my cheeks, cause the formula is a gel. But for something that is so natural that smell great with so much pigment. People if ya love yourself some rosy cheeks, go for it! 

The next one is this split pan duo from Manna Kadar. You guys like highlights? I never really wanted to try something like this because, well you know all that shine on your face. But WAUW! I think I do like it now after trying this. The Radiance Split pan duo has a bronzer and highlighter. I have to say that the bronzer is just as shiny as the highlighter, and this girl likes her bronzers without the shine. So I use both of them as a highlight, I prefer the bronzer more with my skin tone, cause the highlighter is really, really white! One thing I do not like is that this guy is so small, my brush does not fit in here men!

This products is my favorite one from the box! The Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter does not leave a tint on my lips, I don't know why but I don't mind. I have been looking for a lip balm or butter that is vegan so that I could replace my Vaseline one. And THIS IS IT! I love it so much all the ingredients are good for you. Only one thing in my mind this little guy looks like a lighter.. Hope people think me is a smoker..

This product was so werid for me you guys.. Say hello to the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove. When I saw this I was like hmm. You can use it as a make up remover. It will scrub your face, help with aging signs, get little pimpels out of the way and leave your skin super soft. But let me be honest with you guys I do not use this for my face to remove my make up. It takes to long for me. But what I do use it for is removing my mask. I have to say that it does leave my face soft, but if that is because of the glove or the mask.. I don't know.

And we are already on to the last product. The Paese Brow Setter. I do not like this product very much. When I got it and tested it on my brows it was not my color, but I wanted to try it anyway to see how it looks on the skin. Because of the gel texture is might look better than using a powder. But no this brow setter leave a really weird texture on my skin. I also tested it on some of my friends and with them the same thing happend. To bad but maybe it might work for you guys! You never know. 

That was it for today guys! I hope to post again for you guys soon! <3 

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It has been a while since I took a little outfit pictures. So today I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces with you guys and a little story. I have been thinking about my clothes and my style a lot these days. Wearing a Hijab in art school was harder then I thought, I always have the feeling that people might stare a little or think that I am way to serious about religion. Because of that you might be able to image my feeling of being excluded from the groups. I never really minded that, until now.
The way that people dress is way more important that we might think now a days. Without us knowing we place people in different categories so we can recognize them. Don't get me wrong cause I do it to if without realizing it sometimes. But I have decided that this year I do not want to get myself involved when it comes down to negative vibes. They bring you such headaches or at least I think so. 

For me being one of the only muslims in school my surroundings have a lot of questions  about how I dress, what I eat, why I can't drink or smoke. For me personally you can do whatever you want as a human as long as you respect your surroundings and do to others as you would yourself. I converted a year ago and I am sure that I will learn a lot when it comes down to my religion and the way of living my life. For me my scarf does not define the person that I am, it does not make me less smart, attractive, open minded, kind or respectful to others. I am just me and the scarf is part of my memory of my choices. But most of all it is part of the way I look and how I want to be seen, as someone that people can take seriously. I am sure that I have been boring you guys with a lot of this now. BUT! For all of you going back to work, school or an internship enjoy it, enjoy your life no matter what. Stay away from people that are not good for you and that bring you bad vibes. Your life is yours and you should me the best out of it and be able to do whatever you want.

It's not just the outfit


These last few months I might have gone a bit crazy.. But school is right around the corner and my wallet will start crying again soon from buying so many things for classes. 
The last four years I have not been into makeup that much anymore. Finding the right foundation is always a struggle and getting up extra early is not an option at least not for me. Cause this girl likes to stay up really, really, really late. I like to say really really a lot.. Is that weird? 
BUT! Back to the hole idea of this post. I have been shopping for some beauty products this summer cause I wanted to get back in the beauty circle. I forgot how much fun it was to make yourself pretty and just mess around and have a good time while taking care of yourself. The reason I stopt in the first place is because my face got irritated so fast, I did not have the courage to try something new. But where is the fun in that right? Here are all the products I showed in the Haul video me and my sister made for our channel. Don't forget to take a look !

So the first products I will be talking about our from The Body Shop. I love this store, not only are they cruelty free! They also think about what they put in their prodcuts with a lot of care. Very nice for someone like me that has a sensitive skin.
The frist two are the All in One Bb cream and Insta Blur primer, I did not swatch these cause I just simply forgot. Stupid me huh... Back to the products!
I am not really loving them so for they give my skin a little bit of irritation but i've never used any other product then Yves Rocher when it comes down to my BB cream. My skin needs to adjust I think.

Next up are the Brow and Line kit and the Down to Earth palette. This brow kit works amazing for my brow color. I always had a hard time finding the right color, but not anymore! The Down to Earth palette is my new all time favorite for so far I have used it. I love the colors, love the formula of this products so much, it's blends beautiful and the color's are so pigmented . I do think that I need to use a eye primer for this cause they are a bit on the powdery side. But we shall see!

So in the Netherlands we have the brand NYX. I'm sure we had it for a long time but I never really heard anything about them until my cruelty free search began. For now I only got two products but I am sure that I want to try more. The HD concealer I got is great for the thin skin around the eyes and workings great. The lip cream I love as well only the color was not what I expected. 

On to the final products that I got. Cause I have been typing for a while if you know what I mean! I got myself a Brush Egg, Make up Revolution brush kit and TheBalm Bahama Mama bronzer. I love the bronzer! I love thie Brush Egg. And I like two of the brushes from the kit. Which are the fluffy eye brush and the big sculp brush, the other ones I need to put to the test.

I got the last three products from the Boozyshop. I really like their website! They sell a lot of products bloggers in the UK and USA are talking about, so if you feel like trying new stuff and you can't find it. I'm sure they will have it! At least that is for the dutchies of course. With my purshases I also got a Make up Revolution One Blush Stick. I wanted to show it here, but then I thought I already kind swatched it on the video me and my sister made. So if you are curious, you will have to go and take a look!
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It's been a while since I posted about one of my outfits so I thought let's go for it. All summer I saw a lot of these head piece jewellery things passing by and I just had to have one! I got this one for a simple cheap jewellery store in Rotterdam with a few others. It has little flower looking coins and an elastic band on the back so it stays in place. I am happy to say that it's not pulling a lot, so my head can handle this for a long time.

For now I style this with a black turban and a high col sweater. I don't like showing off my neck that much so the sweater gives me a comfy feeling. I am not having any makeup as you can see, cause the past few days in the Netherlands have been hot! Which is a surprise for all us dutchies. I do not want to have the eyeliners dripping down my cheek you know! What els is there to tell.. 

OH I got the sweater from Monki in the sale I have it in full black as well. I love the fabric it's really soft en light. The scarf is from a simple Hijab store close to the city and the head jewellery is from a store called Claires. I am thinking of showing a few of my summer pieces in a Fashion Haul video. But I will have to think about that but if you guys would like that, let me know.. BUT FOR NOW hope to talk to you guys soon!

Park meets turban


How is everybody doing!? Still enjoying your summer break I hope! Today I would like to share my new lover. Long long, long ago there was a time when I loved to wear jewellery every single day. Don't ask me what happpend but I have been in the casual style for some time now, but since it was my birthday a few weeks ago I wanted to treat myself and get something nice. I already have a lot of rings, so a bracelet was what I was looking for. But in the end this chick of course left with a necklace.. As some of you might know I am a muslima that has been wearing her scarf long enough to know that you do not always see the necklace the way it is supposed to be seen. 

But lets get back to the story! Jazu Jewellery is one of my favorite jewllery instagram that I follow and now in one of the Pop up Store that I love to go to they were selling some of the items. LUCKY ME! I love their designs cause one they are handmade, two it is in Rotterdam which is very very nice and last but not least IT'S PRETTY! But let's talk about what I bought shall we. I have this thing with orange specially when it is bright orange, all my friends know that I just have to have it. So this little guy is gold with a little orange accent. I love how much love there has been put into the detail of the necklace, you would hardly guess it's only thread. Soon I hope to have a nice outfit to match this cutie with so I can take a picture for you guys. So keep an eye on my instagram and facebookk page. And do not forget to check Jazu Jewllery's instagram as well your gonna love it! 

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How is everybody doing today? I the Netherlands the weather is as always RAINY. A few days ago I did my very first unboxing on video. I hope you guess liked it.. If not give me some nice feedback! I wanted to take some time to try the products and make some nice pictures where you guys can take a look and see what you think for yourselfs. 
There are some of these products I really like and some not so much but I have look at all of them i'm sure that most of you will like one or even more.

First on up! The Nails inc Londen nailpolish Matt. I tried this one on in my video and it it not work, no matt finish nothing. I use the brand OPI when it comes down to my nail polish and maybe this one doesn't like OPI? Who know! But the thing that got me trying this product on it's own on my nails, is that the BIG 5 harmful ingredients are not in there. Which means, better for your nails and the world. 

Second one is the Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills in the color "With my heels on". SUPER STICKY lipgloss if you ask me, not of lot of color choice but good for a easy look. There are a lot of oil's in the product which are : sunflower oil, castor oil, jojoba oil. Next to all these oli's we have aloe vera extract, grape seed extract, parsley extract and cucumber extract. Maybe that's why it's so sticky? I wore this lipgloss for one hole day and I have to say that it really gives some love to my lips, but I would not wear this everyday, and it will never be my favorite I think.

Now the third one! The Avril eye pencil in de color "Metallic copper". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. This eye pencil is a great color for my skin type and I think everybody! The only think I can say about this product that it is great for people with sensitive eyes. The pencils are 100% natural and 24% is of an organic farm. The pencil has shea butter in it that nourishes your skin. GREAT PRODUCT!

Next one up is the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics "fairy lashes mascara". First things first, this name is great right!? It's sounds so much fun! This product is also one of my favorites of this box. My eyes get infections very fast when I just mascara's and this one feels so light and sort on your lashes. When I use a little my look is very casual and easy. If I use two layers or more I have a "fairy big curly lashes" if you get what I mean. 

Last but not least Butterfly cosmetics Wibo fixing powder. When I saw this the first time I was like, THAT SOME PINK POWDER. I have not used this product a lot to say that I loved all the way. But I think this one is the most intresting of all the products in the box. The smell of the powder is CRAZY, it smells so nice like you are wearing one of you favorite creams. As soon as you apply it to your skin with a brush the pink fades away very nice. 

Well that's all for today guys! Untill the next one!  
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