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These last few months I might have gone a bit crazy.. But school is right around the corner and my wallet will start crying again soon from buying so many things for classes. 
The last four years I have not been into makeup that much anymore. Finding the right foundation is always a struggle and getting up extra early is not an option at least not for me. Cause this girl likes to stay up really, really, really late. I like to say really really a lot.. Is that weird? 
BUT! Back to the hole idea of this post. I have been shopping for some beauty products this summer cause I wanted to get back in the beauty circle. I forgot how much fun it was to make yourself pretty and just mess around and have a good time while taking care of yourself. The reason I stopt in the first place is because my face got irritated so fast, I did not have the courage to try something new. But where is the fun in that right? Here are all the products I showed in the Haul video me and my sister made for our channel. Don't forget to take a look !

So the first products I will be talking about our from The Body Shop. I love this store, not only are they cruelty free! They also think about what they put in their prodcuts with a lot of care. Very nice for someone like me that has a sensitive skin.
The frist two are the All in One Bb cream and Insta Blur primer, I did not swatch these cause I just simply forgot. Stupid me huh... Back to the products!
I am not really loving them so for they give my skin a little bit of irritation but i've never used any other product then Yves Rocher when it comes down to my BB cream. My skin needs to adjust I think.

Next up are the Brow and Line kit and the Down to Earth palette. This brow kit works amazing for my brow color. I always had a hard time finding the right color, but not anymore! The Down to Earth palette is my new all time favorite for so far I have used it. I love the colors, love the formula of this products so much, it's blends beautiful and the color's are so pigmented . I do think that I need to use a eye primer for this cause they are a bit on the powdery side. But we shall see!

So in the Netherlands we have the brand NYX. I'm sure we had it for a long time but I never really heard anything about them until my cruelty free search began. For now I only got two products but I am sure that I want to try more. The HD concealer I got is great for the thin skin around the eyes and workings great. The lip cream I love as well only the color was not what I expected. 

On to the final products that I got. Cause I have been typing for a while if you know what I mean! I got myself a Brush Egg, Make up Revolution brush kit and TheBalm Bahama Mama bronzer. I love the bronzer! I love thie Brush Egg. And I like two of the brushes from the kit. Which are the fluffy eye brush and the big sculp brush, the other ones I need to put to the test.

I got the last three products from the Boozyshop. I really like their website! They sell a lot of products bloggers in the UK and USA are talking about, so if you feel like trying new stuff and you can't find it. I'm sure they will have it! At least that is for the dutchies of course. With my purshases I also got a Make up Revolution One Blush Stick. I wanted to show it here, but then I thought I already kind swatched it on the video me and my sister made. So if you are curious, you will have to go and take a look!


  1. Lovee it!!
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    xx, A Be-atriz

  2. These seem to be so nice !


  3. All the products look amazing. I should try at least some of them, I will try to order some of them. Oh, and by the way, sometimes we all forget to take some time for ourselves and just enjoy "me" time. Always find at least a little time for yourself doing whatever you like, probbably you like makeup a lot just like you said in the post ;)

  4. Amazing post

    Love Vikee

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  7. que maravillas de productos, es todo precioso, anotado. buen verano



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