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How is everybody doing today? I the Netherlands the weather is as always RAINY. A few days ago I did my very first unboxing on video. I hope you guess liked it.. If not give me some nice feedback! I wanted to take some time to try the products and make some nice pictures where you guys can take a look and see what you think for yourselfs. 
There are some of these products I really like and some not so much but I have look at all of them i'm sure that most of you will like one or even more.

First on up! The Nails inc Londen nailpolish Matt. I tried this one on in my video and it it not work, no matt finish nothing. I use the brand OPI when it comes down to my nail polish and maybe this one doesn't like OPI? Who know! But the thing that got me trying this product on it's own on my nails, is that the BIG 5 harmful ingredients are not in there. Which means, better for your nails and the world. 

Second one is the Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills in the color "With my heels on". SUPER STICKY lipgloss if you ask me, not of lot of color choice but good for a easy look. There are a lot of oil's in the product which are : sunflower oil, castor oil, jojoba oil. Next to all these oli's we have aloe vera extract, grape seed extract, parsley extract and cucumber extract. Maybe that's why it's so sticky? I wore this lipgloss for one hole day and I have to say that it really gives some love to my lips, but I would not wear this everyday, and it will never be my favorite I think.

Now the third one! The Avril eye pencil in de color "Metallic copper". I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. This eye pencil is a great color for my skin type and I think everybody! The only think I can say about this product that it is great for people with sensitive eyes. The pencils are 100% natural and 24% is of an organic farm. The pencil has shea butter in it that nourishes your skin. GREAT PRODUCT!

Next one up is the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics "fairy lashes mascara". First things first, this name is great right!? It's sounds so much fun! This product is also one of my favorites of this box. My eyes get infections very fast when I just mascara's and this one feels so light and sort on your lashes. When I use a little my look is very casual and easy. If I use two layers or more I have a "fairy big curly lashes" if you get what I mean. 

Last but not least Butterfly cosmetics Wibo fixing powder. When I saw this the first time I was like, THAT SOME PINK POWDER. I have not used this product a lot to say that I loved all the way. But I think this one is the most intresting of all the products in the box. The smell of the powder is CRAZY, it smells so nice like you are wearing one of you favorite creams. As soon as you apply it to your skin with a brush the pink fades away very nice. 

Well that's all for today guys! Untill the next one!  


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