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How is everybody doing!? Still enjoying your summer break I hope! Today I would like to share my new lover. Long long, long ago there was a time when I loved to wear jewellery every single day. Don't ask me what happpend but I have been in the casual style for some time now, but since it was my birthday a few weeks ago I wanted to treat myself and get something nice. I already have a lot of rings, so a bracelet was what I was looking for. But in the end this chick of course left with a necklace.. As some of you might know I am a muslima that has been wearing her scarf long enough to know that you do not always see the necklace the way it is supposed to be seen. 

But lets get back to the story! Jazu Jewellery is one of my favorite jewllery instagram that I follow and now in one of the Pop up Store that I love to go to they were selling some of the items. LUCKY ME! I love their designs cause one they are handmade, two it is in Rotterdam which is very very nice and last but not least IT'S PRETTY! But let's talk about what I bought shall we. I have this thing with orange specially when it is bright orange, all my friends know that I just have to have it. So this little guy is gold with a little orange accent. I love how much love there has been put into the detail of the necklace, you would hardly guess it's only thread. Soon I hope to have a nice outfit to match this cutie with so I can take a picture for you guys. So keep an eye on my instagram and facebookk page. And do not forget to check Jazu Jewllery's instagram as well your gonna love it! 


  1. Beautiful


  2. Omg! That is so rad! Love it.

    www.foxmystyle.com // Skincare Blog Philippines
    Good day!

  3. Beautiful jewelry!!
    Have a nice day!
    *Carol* and xx Vero

  4. Absolutely adorable jewel. I love it, thanks for sharing!!1



  5. Thank you so much for your kind words!
    I really like that necklace, loos great on a turtle neck jumper :)

    xoxo Colli || TOBEYOUTIFUL

  6. I love funky, unique pieces. This is definitely a statement. Thanks so much for your sweet comment and I hope to see more of you as well!




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