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It has been a while since I took a little outfit pictures. So today I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces with you guys and a little story. I have been thinking about my clothes and my style a lot these days. Wearing a Hijab in art school was harder then I thought, I always have the feeling that people might stare a little or think that I am way to serious about religion. Because of that you might be able to image my feeling of being excluded from the groups. I never really minded that, until now.
The way that people dress is way more important that we might think now a days. Without us knowing we place people in different categories so we can recognize them. Don't get me wrong cause I do it to if without realizing it sometimes. But I have decided that this year I do not want to get myself involved when it comes down to negative vibes. They bring you such headaches or at least I think so. 

For me being one of the only muslims in school my surroundings have a lot of questions  about how I dress, what I eat, why I can't drink or smoke. For me personally you can do whatever you want as a human as long as you respect your surroundings and do to others as you would yourself. I converted a year ago and I am sure that I will learn a lot when it comes down to my religion and the way of living my life. For me my scarf does not define the person that I am, it does not make me less smart, attractive, open minded, kind or respectful to others. I am just me and the scarf is part of my memory of my choices. But most of all it is part of the way I look and how I want to be seen, as someone that people can take seriously. I am sure that I have been boring you guys with a lot of this now. BUT! For all of you going back to work, school or an internship enjoy it, enjoy your life no matter what. Stay away from people that are not good for you and that bring you bad vibes. Your life is yours and you should me the best out of it and be able to do whatever you want.

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  1. This is a good post and a reminder to always be yourself no matter what. I have seen so many women who wear their Hijab and are so creative like yourself. I don't believe you should feel this way because it is an important part of your being that will allow you to be even more creative with your art.



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