Park meets turban


It's been a while since I posted about one of my outfits so I thought let's go for it. All summer I saw a lot of these head piece jewellery things passing by and I just had to have one! I got this one for a simple cheap jewellery store in Rotterdam with a few others. It has little flower looking coins and an elastic band on the back so it stays in place. I am happy to say that it's not pulling a lot, so my head can handle this for a long time.

For now I style this with a black turban and a high col sweater. I don't like showing off my neck that much so the sweater gives me a comfy feeling. I am not having any makeup as you can see, cause the past few days in the Netherlands have been hot! Which is a surprise for all us dutchies. I do not want to have the eyeliners dripping down my cheek you know! What els is there to tell.. 

OH I got the sweater from Monki in the sale I have it in full black as well. I love the fabric it's really soft en light. The scarf is from a simple Hijab store close to the city and the head jewellery is from a store called Claires. I am thinking of showing a few of my summer pieces in a Fashion Haul video. But I will have to think about that but if you guys would like that, let me know.. BUT FOR NOW hope to talk to you guys soon!


  1. I love how you added the chain over the turban very good idea and your fresh face look is so beautiful.

  2. You look really pretty, dear.

    xo // Skincare Blog Philippines
    Good day!



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