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So my plan was to upload a new post about my August Unboxing. But I don't know what happend life just took over and the products where just chilling in the box. Of course I want to try most of the products before I talk about them so I can tell you guys what I think. So let's get started! 

First up is the Seraphine Rosy Cheeks for Seraphine Botanicals. The first time I saw this product I was like.. Why you so small little guy? Well that is because this products has so much pigment it's crazy! The smell is just amazing and the color is so nice. I can't really work well with something like this on my cheeks, cause the formula is a gel. But for something that is so natural that smell great with so much pigment. People if ya love yourself some rosy cheeks, go for it! 

The next one is this split pan duo from Manna Kadar. You guys like highlights? I never really wanted to try something like this because, well you know all that shine on your face. But WAUW! I think I do like it now after trying this. The Radiance Split pan duo has a bronzer and highlighter. I have to say that the bronzer is just as shiny as the highlighter, and this girl likes her bronzers without the shine. So I use both of them as a highlight, I prefer the bronzer more with my skin tone, cause the highlighter is really, really white! One thing I do not like is that this guy is so small, my brush does not fit in here men!

This products is my favorite one from the box! The Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter does not leave a tint on my lips, I don't know why but I don't mind. I have been looking for a lip balm or butter that is vegan so that I could replace my Vaseline one. And THIS IS IT! I love it so much all the ingredients are good for you. Only one thing in my mind this little guy looks like a lighter.. Hope people think me is a smoker..

This product was so werid for me you guys.. Say hello to the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove. When I saw this I was like hmm. You can use it as a make up remover. It will scrub your face, help with aging signs, get little pimpels out of the way and leave your skin super soft. But let me be honest with you guys I do not use this for my face to remove my make up. It takes to long for me. But what I do use it for is removing my mask. I have to say that it does leave my face soft, but if that is because of the glove or the mask.. I don't know.

And we are already on to the last product. The Paese Brow Setter. I do not like this product very much. When I got it and tested it on my brows it was not my color, but I wanted to try it anyway to see how it looks on the skin. Because of the gel texture is might look better than using a powder. But no this brow setter leave a really weird texture on my skin. I also tested it on some of my friends and with them the same thing happend. To bad but maybe it might work for you guys! You never know. 

That was it for today guys! I hope to post again for you guys soon! <3 


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