I can not believe the end of September is near and the sun is still shining a LOT here in the Netherlands! I know I have been gone for a bit, but a had so many deadlines! You know when you just can't find the time to sit down and think for a second.
But today I wanted to talk about some of the things that I have been up to these days!

Since I am in my second year a lot of extra stuff is falling from the sky! I have to think about what Minor I want to pick and write big paper on my own development as a student in the Art Academie. Like.. HOW SHOULD I KNOW! Do you guys know what you want and where you want to see yourself in four year? I am never really sure, I change my mind every five seconds. Or het least it seems so. But as soon as I think about this my head will start to burst, so backt to basic. One of the projects that I have been working on has a lot to do with my blog, and video's. I wanted to find out why companies make the decision to test their products on animals. I have been thinking a lot about the skin care and make up that I use and if they are tested on animals. At first I never really cared that much about what I put on my face. But now a days my skin is so sensitive that I started to wonder what was happening with all the products and how they are being made. 

I am not going to tell you guys that you should stop using brands that test on animals, cause everybody has a choice. But what made me think about it was the fact that it scared me that some brands use so many chemicals in their products that they have to be sure it will not hurt our skin. For me pretty scary. I would love to know how you guys feel about products getting tested on animals and all the bad chemicals brands use to make their products. Do you think about it at all? Have you ever done any research on this topic? I think it is interesting to think about it, but of course not to much cause these days the internet is a scary place to do you research! At least sometimes it is. I do not regret taking a closer look when it comes down to my skin,body and hair care. I really notice a difference and it feels good to take care of yourself. I hope that you all feel great in your skin and happy with your lives and do let me know what you think, it will be great to hear so many different perspectives and it would help me find out more for my project!

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I have never loved my styletone box as much as this September box. All of the products that I got in my box this month where products that I was either looking for or wanted to buy. If you want to see me Unbox this months box go to the youtube channel!

Let's start with the first product that I am loving SO MUCH! The Ellis Faas Hot Lip in the color L405. This shade has a bit of a coral pink to it and for my skin color it just gives this great KICK. I have to say that this product is not on the cheap side, but one little touch gives so much pigment. It's just crazy! The color stays on your lips for a very long time and does not dry out your lips. Which is great cause this girl is always on the go.

The next product is the Note Mono Eyeshadow in the color purple ( color 10 ). As soon as I saw this color I was like, that is very very bold. I never use purple but I will sure use this one for those more sexy eye looks. What I really like about this products next to the butter feeling and wonderful pigment, is that this product is good for your eyelids. Note eyeshadows have Vitamine E that protects the delicate skin of your eyelid against free radicals. Also no parabens to be found in this little guys, which for me is a down breaker.

Now this girl has a new favorite nail polish and that nail polish is Hone from Emite Make up - by artist for artist- I love the name that they used it sounds so soft. Which is true cause this nude has a hint of warmth which works great for a lot of skintones. Since I take of my nail polish whenever I need to pray I want something that I can reapply fast without having to wait around forever for my nails to dry. This will dry down fast for sure! Some of you might not like that cause you have got to be a bit fast, but just look at the color it is so beautiful!

With this product I was lucky to get the Volumizing Curling Mascara instead fo the Extreme one. Ace of Face has amazing packagings and really thinks about what a mascara should do for you. My eyes get irritated really fast so mascara is not always an option for me. The Ace of Face EyeRule No 3 mascara gives my eyelashes a great curly volume and witht the special silicone shaped brush I will get every eyelash and with EVERY I really mean that. The down side for me is that the mascara feels a bit heavy on my eyes so I only use a little amount. Other than that I love it for the brush.

The last one I have not tested out enough to say that I love it. That product is the Figs & Rough Pore Qualifying Mineral Detox mask. This name says a lot and I really ony use this mask when I have break outs. If I use a lot of blemish prone skin products my skin will get really dry and I will get new blemishes because of that. It's like a crazy circel of my face and the struggle. So for now I like it but I have to see how this mask works on those days when my skin is crying. If you guys have a lot of problems with blemishes and are oily like me I would go and check this brand out. It is a High end brand, but to be honest you should invest in better products when it comes down to skin care cause you got to love your skin right? Don't get me wrong Low end products also work great most of the times, but one or two of those pdocuts that really save your skin. We all need them.

All the products that where in my Unboxing you guys can check out on Get Your Looks On.com There are a lot of discounts and promo's happening so go go go! 
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One of the things I never really pay attention to is my hair. As you can image it is just relaxing under the headscarf only seeing the light a few times a days. Personally my hair got a lot thicker since I started wear a Hijab, but because I have REALLY frizzy and curly hair and it is starting to grow pretty fast now I think I need to pay more attention to it. 
Most of the times I wash my hair every three to four days with shampoo, I do not use conditioner because my hair will get to soft and the curls will hang around like they are not enjoying them self a lot. Sometimes when I was feeling like taking care of the hair I would use a mask. 
Now a days I really want to pay close attention to the product I buy and if they are being tested on animals. I also try to look at the ingredient what I normally never do because I did not care to much about what I out on my body. But honestly putting stuff like silicone, paraben and mineral oils on your body for me is just not good. My skin is very sensitive specially my face and hair, since I started using products that do not contain these ingredients my skin has improved a lot. I am not saying that everybody should go and buy all natural products because they surely have a more expensive price tag. 

But thinking about the products that we use and what we let our skin and body get in contact with, will make us all more aware. But to make sure we get back to the point! I found this brand called Yes To. I heard about them on youtube and I was quite curious about them. I found out that Holland & Barrett sells some of their products and I decided to give one of their shampoo's a try. And guys I have to say that I really love this shampoo, it makes my hair shiny and soft. It keeps my curls in great shape and I do not get irritations around my hair line area. For now this is the only product that I use from them but I am sure to try a lot more!  So if you guys are looking for a bit more affordable brand for your frizzy hair that works at least 99% natural and does not test on animals, Yes To is definitly a good one. Or at least I think so! I hope to get some of their other products soon and talk more about them. What is your favorite brand to use for your hair? I would love it know maybe I would try some of them out!  

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The name is already saying enough! Today I uploaded a video on my August favorites and I was thinking about posting a pictures of all the products so all of you can take a look on a low bass. Most of my video's take like forever! But I do not always zoom in on some products so you guys can not really take a good look. 
So that is why a wanted to upload a pictures of all the products that I have been using for the month of August and that I have been loving so so much. Most products, some of you already spotted on the blog. But you can never be to sure right? Please do check out the video if you want to know more about what I like about the products, and please give the video a dumps up!

I would love to know what you guys have been using in the month of August maybe their is something I would love to try out!  Do you guys see the text on my NYX Concealer? It's crazy how fast the text disappeared right? I do not get this.. But still one of my faves!

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