I can't believe that the month Oktober already ended! Before you know it Christmas will be aournd the corner, and this year will end. I am so happy that my first quarter of school has ended and that I can move on to the next one. I don't know about you guys, but I always like the start of a school project and hate it by the end. You spent so much time on that one thing or many things that need to be finished that by the time they are your like, well I don't even know what to call it! 

This year I also find a job at my school. Which means less time on projects, but we all want to do things and spent money right? Or at least I do! Because I haven't been uploading that much I wanted to do an extra video and blog post for you guys. And what better way to get back into the flow with some new products in a Haul video! I am not going to go into much detail for you guys, cause you can check the video of course. But I went to the city and I got myself a few things that I have been hunting for a while in my head. Don't you guys just love to buy your self stuff after you finished all your hard work? I know.. me to! I add a few swatches since I never swacht in my video's but other than that there is nothing that you guys will miss in the video. I haven't tried any of these before so we will have to see how it will go. I hope to update you guys soon, and if you have already tried some of the stuff in the pictures do tell me! I would love to hear your feedback!   

New haul | & video


How is everybody doing today! I can not believe my first quarter already ended this week. Which was also the reason why I was gone for so long. But I am back and still uploading my video's on the youtube channel. So I hope you guys have seen that I haven't forgotten about you. Nothing very exciting happend next to reading, writing and preparing my projects. To get back into the blogging flow I uploaded a new Unboxing video for you guys on the channel. And you can already guess what we are going to be talking about today! 

I haven't tested most of the products out for so long, so I can not give a very good review on them. But I love sharing my box products with you guys. It's so much fun to meet new brands and discover new products. But lets get into the first product which I already bought myself. The brush egg is a great tool that I use every two weeks to clean my brushes. I always use a bacterial free soap to clean them, cause I have a very sensitive skin but I still need them to be perfectly clean. The brush eggs are very cheap and easy to use and take with you. So if you are thinking to get yourself something like this go for it, you can find them everywhere.

The other product that i'm going to tell you guys about is a new brand for me. Hikari Cosmetics is a new up coming brand. Their motto is 'that every woman should feel beautiful in their on skin', which is TRUE! I got a blush in my box and I tried in for a few times now. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy, so if you want to try this do be careful cause your cheeks will shine! I did not have any breakouts so until now so far so good. 
On to the next one which is a transparant brow gel by Chella wanted a brow gel for so long. But this girl could never find the time, so thank you styletone box for always putting something in there, that I need! I have used this one every single day and it is not that special, it does what a brow gel has to do. Which is keeping them crazy hairs in place.

Now this month styletone also put one of my favorite brands in the box. Which is Jelly Pong Pong. This product is to highlight the area's on the face, to line the lips or make an ombre effect. But the best part is the fact that you can use it in the waterline. The pencil is so soft and smooth which is great for the eyes! This product I also use practically every day and when I do my eyes get a wide a wake look. I love, love, love Jelly Pong Pong!
The last product of this months box was a lip crayon by Starlooks in the shade majesty. The shade is a beautiful dark purple, a color that works great for me. It is pretty dry on the lips, and until now I notice that I did not pick it up again to use it because of that. I have to test it out a bit more to know what I really think.

So guys those where all the products from my oktober Unboxing video! Do visit my channel to see the video and give it a like and subscribe! I hope to upload a new blog for you guys soon. I think from now on I will be posting once a week just as on my channel. This way I can give my story the full attention it needs and keep you guys up to date on all my crazy stuff! 
Unboxing | Styletone



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