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Hi guys! And please don't kill me for uploading so late, cause this girl had the flu. And when I am talking about the flue I mean the one were you are sweating like crazy with six blankets around your, tissues everywhere and a lot of tea. I am happy to say that I am feeling a bit better and that I got some inspiration for a new post for. Which is a few tips on how to get better as fast as possible when you got yourself the flue!

I always have two times a year where I get really sick and that I have to stay home for a few days, which are in the summer and the beginning if the winter. Since winter is coming, the flu has arrived. I know what you guys are thinking, just eat healthy, go to the gym and sleep on time. But life takes over and before you know it you go to bed after it's like way past your normal bed time, or at least that is one of the issues I face on a daily basses. And then it just happens you wake up to go to go your thing and you notice that you feel really tired and woozy. You leave to go to school, work or you internship and by the time you get there the pain in you body starts. Your head feels heavy and sometimes even your nose starts to hurt, because you have to sneeze. And sneeze you will, A LOT! When I start feeling like this I still don't give up I would stay in school or at work the whole day and then just go home eat something healthy and go to sleep. But then there is the next morning, and for me that is the moment where I will feel at my worst, cause my temperature has gone up.

This is all very depressing so let's get into what I do to make myself feel better, and get well as fast a possible. First thing on the list is drinking a lot of water, since most of the time when you have the flue you will be sweating a lot. Water or even tea will help you to stay hydrated. Add a little hunny to your tea and you sore throat will feel a lot better. Then what I like to do is sweat it all out, I take a very big and thick sweater, a blanket, very thick socks and pyjama pants. It sounds crazy but sweating help your body to fight the bacteria/flu that is trying to make a home in your body. At the end of the day I always like to take a hot shower get myself a whole new outfit and get back at it again. Then there is eating fruit and soup. Fruit is nice and gentle on the throat and automatically gives your that boost that you really need. Same goes for soup, you can put a lot of different vegetables and even chicken to make your body feel strong. What I like to do to do is add a lot of pepper, ginger and garlic to my soup. Garlic helps you to sweat, ginger is good for you stomach and throat and pepper well that makes your throat burn a little. Which means all them crazy bacteria are leave the ship. 

Of course there is also the sleeping part, a lot of sleep helps you sit the flue out faster. Or at least for me it seems that way. But I find that I get very woozy and unfocused when I do that, and as soon as I start to feel better I have to adjust to getting stuff done. One of the things that really helps me is reading a book or watching something interesting. Not animal planet cause that always makes me sleepy, but maybe that will work for you! I also like to make crossword puzzles to keep my focus going and it is also quite fun! Sometimes I also like to take extra vitamins and aspirin, I am not really a big fan of taking medicine I like to go all natural if I can. But I can imagine that it speeds up the process al lot of you throw in a little pill here and there. 

So guys! Those where all my tips on how to have a speedy recovery from the flu, I hope you guys find it helpful! Please let me know what tips you guys have on getting better from the flu. What works for me might not work for someone els, and it is always great to share experiences.   


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