Advent Calendar for Christmas


I am so happy to tell you guys that I passed my big project of this quarter! My heart feels a lot more at ease knowing that this stressful stuff is out of the way. On to the check on right.. These days I had a lot of free time which means internet shopping for this girl. I hate the internet and I love it and then I hate it for all the money I want to spend on stuff that I do not really need. 

But I kept my shopping plans small this time. I was looking for a new video idea, something to help me boost up my video's a little and get more connection with you guys. Then I started thinking about Christmas and how much fun it is to find presents for friends, family and MYSELF most of all. Or at least I always liked buying myself something special in this month. Now that I am muslim I do not celebrate Christmas anymore, but my family still does and that is how I got the idea to look for something Christmas related to share with you guys the next month. And guess what, I found it! When I was little my mom would always buy me a Christmas Advent Calendar with little chocolates in them that I could take out every day. I never thought that there would be so many brands that would use the same idea when it comes down to make up and beauty. So I started looking for all the different beauty Advent Calendars they have in the Netherlands, and here are my favorite ones. The first five are all brands that are animal cruelty free, the last one from Asos has products in there that are cruelty free but also some that are not! For those of you that want only cruelty free, keep that in mind if you would like to buy that box from Asos.

These are the Calendars that I red great things about on the internet, and that I also check out myself in shops. I got one of these boxes for the month of December and I will be opening it with you guys on my channel every week. I am not going to tell you guys which one I got, you will have to wait and see! Or maybe you can take a wild guess in the description box?



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