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So as you guys can see there is a new Unboxing video on my channel. Today I wanted to talk about the products that I received in my box this month, and I have to say that there are some that I really like, or maybe I just like all of them! So let's get started on the first one that I like the most. Which is hard cause I can't make a choice!
Let's start with the hand cream by Ziaja. This is the coco butter version, and yes they have many more. I always wanted to try out this brand but I could never find the time to sit down and check out there website. Ziaja is a brand that is sold in a lot of different countries so everybody can give it a shot. They have amazing prices, and good quality products. Their hand creams start around two euro's with at least 80ml in the packaging. Very affordable, great smell and very nice for the cold winter days a head! I love it.

Next up is the Lord & Berry Nude lip liner. I was looking for a new lip liner but since I got one in my box I will have to give this one a try, I have tried in for over a week now and I have to say that even do it might no be the cheapest lip liner out there, it is a pretty good one. Very soft and smooth, easy to apply and a beautiful colour that works great with all different type of shades or on it's own. 
Then to stay in the lip section I have this lipstick from Tini Beauty in the shade Plum Wine. Never heard of the brand before but the have a very nice colour rage and a beautiful packaging. I was looking for something to replace my M.A.C lipstick since I do not use them anymore, because of the animal testing. I have to say that this one comes close to a lipstick that I like. Very soft and hydrating, the only big own side is that is disappears fast. But like I said before I have not tried these products for that long, so maybe my opinion will change.

Then I have something for the nails by Meeki Beauty Lab. A nail polish in the colour chantarelle, and I just love the name don't you? This is a very nice and simple shade that works great with them fall and winter colours. It stays on for a pretty long time and the best thing about this brand is that the nail polish dries very fast. And with fast I mean FAST! I have a little exclusive promo for all my followers, if you want to buy one of the Meeki nail polishes go this link and get one of their colours for only 5,- euro's with a gift box and free shipping! I am sure to get myself another one!   

Then I will end up with the last product of the box, which is a bubble mask by Cailyn Cosmetics. I have never tried this brand before as well, but I checkt their website and they have a lot of good look products. Not very cheap but still affordable. I have not tried this mask yet, I think I will be doing a little review/demo on the channel for you guys to give my thought on a product like this. A lot of different bloggers talked about products like this so I think I will be nice to share one from a cruelty free brand. I have seen other mask that they are selling, and I am very curious! 


  1. I really like the lipstick, it's shame it doesn't last longer on the lips, but it does look very creamy and hydrating and that's the most important thing when it comes to lipsticks for me.

  2. Great stuff dear!



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