Winter blue's | Mini Haul


I it just me or is the month of November flying by like a big bird that knows where he is going? It feels like the clock has just changed times here in the Netherland.. But November means a lot of things, which are looking for presents for your friends and family, finding yourself a nice winterjackets, some sweaters and FANTASTIC BEAST in the cinema! I have been a Harry Potter fan since the beginning of time or when my mom first got me the book, I think when I read the book. How about you guys? Do like the Harry Potter movies, or do you hate them? 

I have been scouting for a new sweater these past few days and H&M got just the thing I like. I never really buy stuff from H&M anymore cause I think the quality is not so great as it used to be. The little guy here though I really liked and was such soft material that I just had to pick it up. Same goes from my new brushes for Essence, loved the color and I needed some new eye brushes so they just had to go into my bag. The kabuki brush was so cute that I just had to bring it as well. I never tried the brushes of Essence so I will keep you guys updated on the channel! I was also looking for a new BB cream yes again but, you can never have enough right? And I have to say that the tea tree BB cream from The Body Shop is very very good for people with oily skin. I get a lot of blemishes when I use foundation or something to cover everything up and until now that has not happend with this BB cream. Might become one of my best.. might.

And last but not least I wanted to share my Harry Potter deathly hallows necklace. I got mine from Jazu Jewelry which is an amazing brand. I have had it for a while but I keep forgetting to share it with you guys.. SO THERE IT IS. Have you guys seen the new J.K Rowling movie yes? NO spoilers please! 



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